Posted by: danielrashke | May 29, 2014

The Value of Partnership


ImageIt’s been an exciting month for TASC! We gathered together to recognize the importance of our partners, and were recognized as a great partner ourselves.

We reward our top Providers all year long with our innovative Provider Incentive Program (PIP). We know these individuals are a big part of our success, and their hard work is integral to TASC becoming the number one privately-held TPA in the country. By acknowledging and taking care of the people who help you succeed, you build relationships that will stand the test of time.

The highlight of the program is our annual PIP Trip and Convention, held each spring in beautiful locations around the world. This May we hosted more than 50 Providers in beautiful, sunny Puerto Rico. What a great escape after our record cold Madison winter! As usual, the convention was a great getaway, with plenty of opportunity to network, learn about new TASC service offerings, and, of course, have some fun and relax.

The best part of this program? For me, it’s knowing that this isn’t a new initiative for us; it’s part of our DNA. We have been recognizing Provider efforts for more than 35 years, with robust commissions, incentives, gifts, exclusive membership in our Blue Circle program, and an annual trip. These rewards salute Provider efforts, and I think that’s something to celebrate.

We are also celebrating being recognized as a great partner ourselves. At the annual Alegeus Technologies’ Client Conference, TASC was recognized as the Partner of the Year. This award is earned by the Alegeus partner who best demonstrates outstanding leadership and vision through using technology for simplifying business operations, enabling product innovation, and driving transformational change in the business and the market.

It’s great when the companies you work with see you living and breathing your mission and values. You see, part of TASC’s mission is to efficiently deliver innovative services, and part of our vision is to develop solutions that streamline processes and produce more efficient, effective outcomes for our Clients and ourselves. This award is a high compliment because it means we’re “walking the walk” and not just creating nice sound bytes.

We’re not resting on our laurels or relaxing too much from that trip. We have a great responsibility to take care of our Clients, Participants, and Providers. We continue to push ourselves to be the best, to create value for our partnerships—now and in the future.


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