Posted by: jessicasmall | April 24, 2007

MyTASC Week Two

Week two of our MyTASC launch activity has started off right where last week left off. We have every confidence that once this initial surge passes, our Clients and Participants will be very pleased with the performances and features of our redesigned web site. Over the weekend we moved the front end of our web site to our offsite hosting facility originally intended for disaster recovery reasons.  This dual purposing of this relationship has decreased the pressure on our bandwidth significantly. 
As of today, with a few exceptions, we are also caught up in our administrative processing of claims and disbursements.
Before launch, we focused on three sets of criteria when judging the readiness of the new site. The criteria were (1) ensuring the security, stability, and integrity of our financial and other data, (2) to be able to serve, serve faster, and serve at a higher level, and (3) to improve the user experience by addressing functional items.
The first criterion is locked down and certain. We are also closing in the second criterion. We are able to serve, and we have taken steps to be able to serve faster, adding more people on the phones to shorten call wait time, and by increasing our bandwidth to ensure faster web access.   We’ll continue to increase the knowledge and tools at our employees’ disposal to help them serve at a higher level. Thirdly and finally, as illustrated above, we are making moves to improve the user experience by addressing functional items. We are expecting dramatic improvements in these criteria as the second week after MyTASC progresses.
There will be times during evening hours enhancements will be implemented.  This will disrupt service for a short moment.  Again, this will be during off hours when the web use is minimal.  In the future, enhancements will be packaged into future releases minimizing the disruption.  During this period of post launch TASC feels it is important to make the moves necessary to improve overall functionality and thus user experience.

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