Posted by: jessicasmall | April 21, 2007

What a Week!

Wow.  What a response to our MyTASC launch.  Just to give you a little indication of the traffic we were experiencing on Wednesday and Thursday last week, consider these statistics.  On Wednesday, April 18, the first day of the MyTASC launch, there were 21,000 visits to our web site and nearly 70,000 page views.  That is an astounding number of hits.  And the phones were equally as busy.  On Wednesday and Thursday combined we received in excess of 5,000 phones calls.  That is equivalent to a week’s worth of phone calls that we receive during our peak season.  Whew!  Both the web site and the phones started to settle down by Friday afternoon.

On Monday, we expect traffic on the web and over the phones to spike up again.  Mondays are normally high traffic days, and with this being the first Monday since the MyTASC launch, we are anticipating higher than usual traffic.  Just as we did last week; we will be ready to meet the challenge come Monday.  We expect the traffic will taper off throughout the rest of week.

Moves have been made to increase our bandwidth, which should improve the performance of web.  That, combined with a more normal traffic level, should make for a  noticeable improvement in the access and speed of our website.  Once again, thank you for your understanding and patience and most of all, for your enthusiastic response to MyTASC.

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