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HSAs have become high-profile fraud targets

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The Innovation of Things

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Pledging to Diversity and Inclusion

CEO Pledge_Group Photo

CEO Roundtable, October 2019

In a meeting with Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers last week, I was among Madison-area CEOs who signed a pledge to diversity and inclusion in our workplaces. The irony, as you can see in the photograph, is that this group is distinctly lacking in diversity. I humbly acknowledge that while we may be part of the problem, we can also be part of the solution. We recognize that things need to change and we have made a commitment to working together to ensure that change takes place.

As owners of TASC, my wife Patti and I will always strive for a diverse and inclusive environment. TASC remains neutral and does not discriminate on the basis on race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, marital or parental status, or any other category protected by law. Upholding a culture in which all employees feel welcomed and respected is one of my top priorities as CEO.

The fact remains that there are a number of barriers that prevent the advancement of equity and inclusion in our workplaces and our communities. Lack of affordable housing, quality childcare or reliable transportation are just a few of the tangible obstacles that we need to grapple with to make progress. These are complex issues with no easy answers.

Signing the pledge to support diversity and inclusion demonstrates that we see this complexity as a cause for focus and collaboration. Our common bond and a little humility (knowing that we won’t get it right every step of the way) will move us forward creatively and fearlessly, as we try to tackle these issues together. Click here to read the pledge.

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‘ The Show’ features TASC Ventures

Jed White, managing director of TASC Ventures, was a guest on a recent episode of “ The Show.” Jed spoke to Liz Schrum about TASC’s corporate venture fund and his thoughts on the early-stage investment scene in Wisconsin.

Watch Jed’s interview here.

To learn more about TASC Ventures, visit

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Champions for Change

United Way season is officially underway. Here at TASC, our employees were engaged in a “Let’s Rock for Change” campaign. They participated in lots of fun rock ‘n’ roll–themed activities to raise funds, including karaoke, Name that Tune trivia, a visit from Elvis, and a rock star casual day. Our employees live and work across the country, so when TASC supports the United Way, we are making a national impact.

One of our remote employees is currently taking a hands-on approach to support transformative change in her community. Sheila Vetrone of our Enterprise Risk Management department is serving as the 2019 loaned executive for the Oshkosh [Wisconsin] Area United Way from August through October.

2019-08-23 Sheila Vetrone

Sheila Vetrone and Oshkosh Area United Way campaign champions decorate bags for ADVOCAP Home Delivered Meals.

Sheila says giving back is central to her life. She and her children volunteer monthly at a community clothes closet, for three years she has chaired a large charity auction for a local women’s organization, and she is a longtime United Way donor. When she saw the TASC Cares opportunity to apply for the United Way loaned executive role, she knew the timing was right make a bigger difference.

Shelia’s enthusiasm, passion and initiative secured her spot. These qualities will serve her well because she is the Oshkosh Area United Way’s first loaned executive. She will be building the program from the ground up and then connecting with local employers to help ensure its future success. This is in addition to a loaned executive’s typical outreach to help coordinate workplace giving campaigns and broaden support for the United Way. Sheila is excited to help out in any way she can.

TASC has loaned several of our employees to various United Ways throughout the years. This program provides a personal and professional development opportunity that benefits the individual participant as well as our organization. Employees return to TASC with enhanced skills in areas such as sales and marketing, public speaking, project management, team-building, and networking. Now that’s a win for doing good.

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