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Where Life Leads You

bcccc-logoWe never quite know where life is going to lead, or where we may make an impact. Our communities offer a wide variety of open doors, and through the years TASC has been fortunate to walk through some of those doors and support many causes and organizations all across this great nation.

Recently, TASC has joined the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. Now, in full disclosure, the Center came on our radar because my daughter just finished her freshman year at Boston College. But that doesn’t distract from the good work this organization does.

As a membership-supported organization, the Center combines the most valuable aspects of a professional network with the resources of a leading academic institution.  It provides research, professional development, executive education, and networking opportunities for employees of more than 440 member companies.

The Center was established with a clear and simple goal: to serve corporate citizenship professionals seeking information and insights that will help their companies achieve maximum business and social value from environmental, social, and governance investments. Each year the Center engages more than 10,000 individuals via corporate citizenship certificate programs and regional programs, timely research, issue briefs and best practice updates, and a quarterly magazine. Their annual conference addresses the challenges that corporate citizenship professionals face.

Finally, the Center’s online community is a great resource for learning, collaborating, and connecting directly with peers. Approximately 2,000 corporate citizenship professionals from around the world log on to discuss challenges, share best practices, and build valuable connections with their fellow members.

Obviously, membership in this organization is very worthwhile for TASC, with benefits available to us that are undeniable.  Benefits made possible because of an open door.  As I stated at the start of this blog, you can never tell where life is going to lead you and what opportunities will be open to you. The secret, I believe, is to keep yourself open and tuned in to whatever comes your way. What opportunities await you? Just look around you. I am sure you will find something worthwhile to get involved in and a place where you can make a difference.

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TASC and Innovation

The Greek philosopher Aristotle is known to have said “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” And while I know he wasn’t talking about TASC, that philosophy certainly rings true here. Without a doubt, our continued success has been possible thanks to the combined efforts of our separate “parts.”

Pivotal to our team of innovative thinkers and doers is Chief Development Officer (CDO) Pam Reynolds. Most recently are her efforts and involvement in card technology and innovation. For the second time in three years TASC has been recognized by our industry for continued innovation and transformation. In 2014, we were recognized as an Innovator by the Institute of Healthcare Consumerism (IHCC). Specifically, Pam was recognized for outstanding leadership and innovative healthcare benefit solutions.

Director of PR Bruce Stein, CDO Pam Reynolds and Service Model Manager Maureen Maddox with TASC’s Paybefore Award.

Just this year, Paybefore honored TASC with the 2016 Best-in-Category award for Best Health Benefits Delivery. Once again the award judging panel recognized our work on the forward-thinking TASC Card. It’s a multi-purpose revolution… Paying for eligible healthcare expenses takes a simple swipe of the card. And Flexible Spending Account (FSA) reimbursements—for eligible out-of-pocket healthcare expenses paid without the Card—are deposited automatically in the card’s separate “MyCash” account, to be used for non-FSA purchases anywhere. This unique double feature has already been expanded to accommodate participant donations to their favorite charities. When bestowing the award Loraine DeBonis, Paybefore editor-in-chief and chair of the judging panel, remarked “We’re proud to recognize TASC’s contributions to advancing electronic payments.”

Innovation is at the very core of the way we do business at TASC, and has been since our conception back in 1975. Doubters said we couldn’t bring tax deductible health benefits to the self-employed. Our response? We developed AgriPlan and BizPlan, and both are still going strong. And while our many innovations through the years are too hefty to list in this blog, it bears noting that in the 1990s we were the very first to process FSA (flexible spending account) claims on a daily basis…

Yes, we process claims. Of course we adjudicate health benefit transmittals. Of course we make sure our customers are compliant with IRS rules and regulations. We do all of these things, and the doing is of utmost importance to us. But we bring an innovator’s mindset to what we do. We are constantly searching for new methods and new services to help protect our customers’ business, improve their bottom line, and foster their peace of mind. And we will never stop.

Posted by: danielrashke | March 31, 2016

Where is TASC now?

With our annual company meeting just behind us, it seems only natural that lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of TASC. Last year we celebrated our 40th anniversary. An incredible milestone, certainly, but I’m confident there is far more ahead of us than behind. In 2016, TASC is 41, and 41 is a prime number.  Therefore, TASC is in its prime!

TASC is an enterprise with a story to be told, but more importantly, with a continuing story yet to unfold. Our past company meetings have had some inspiring and energetic themes, including The Adventure Continues, Be Great, Accept the Challenge, 35 Years of Innovation, Grow and Excel, and Succeed Together. The elements of these complex stories are in our TASC DNA. All we’ve learned and experienced in our first 40 years we carry withFOCUS_Logo_Final us into the 41st and beyond.

This year’s company meeting had a rather expansive theme: Focus: In, On, and Out. We focus IN, on ourselves, to become more efficient and easy to work with. We focus ON what we do via further innovations and services to lessen burden and worry for our customers and their human resource teams. And we focus OUT to address the industry, the market, and the future.

Here is a parallel I’d like to draw upon. Consider the movie enterprise based on the fictional Rocky Balboa character. Forty years ago Sylvester Stallone was inspired by watching Muhamad Ali, and in just three days wrote the screenplay for Rocky. (Talk about focus!) He shopped the script around and was gaining some traction for the film. The only problem… Hollywood wanted his story, but they didn’t want him.

Stallone held his ground. He saw far more than just a story or a one-hit wonder; he saw an enterprise. So he took a risk and held out for the future he envisioned. Fast forward to forty years later, and they’ve just released Creed, the sixth film in this series. And you know what? They left the ending of Creed wide open for the next story!

With TASC there is always a sequel. We will reach that next level and I assure you when we get there we will find another set of stairs to climb, and another set of stairs to build. Like today’s TASC, the TASC of the future will succeed because we focus in, focus on, and focus out all at the same time. TASC will continue to be great and most importantly, will continue to be sustainable.

Posted by: danielrashke | February 3, 2016

TASC Staff Recognized

Executive of the Year LogoNothing makes me prouder than to see my staff receive the recognition they so justly deserve. So naturally I’m pleased that two on our TASC team were recently honored by In Business Magazine, based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Named by In Business as Dane County’s 2016 CFO of the Year is TASC’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Steve Cable. With more than 30 years of public accounting and manufacturing experience, Steve’s impressive career boasts a strong history of business growth and accomplishments in cross-functional team building, cost savings, acquisitions, and business results. By stepping in last year as interim Chief Operating Officer (COO), Steve cemented his presence as essential to our Executive Management Team. Steve’s financial leadership, experience, and focus are integral to TASC and to our ongoing commitment to organic and external growth.

Named to the In Business “40 under 40” class of 2016 is Jim Yinko. As a TASC 40 Under 40 logoMicrobusiness Regional Sales Director (RSD), Jim works tirelessly to help the sole proprietors and self-employed afford valuable healthcare for their families. For more than eight years Jim has consistently ranked as one of our highest producing RSDs. Not bad for an individual who isn’t even 40 years old yet.

Of course, Steve and Jim are only two of many amazing and gifted members of the TASC team. Like them, Pam Reynolds, our Chief Development Officer, and Andy Bartel, Executive Vice President of Group Sales, are active on committees and church councils. Steve also serves as Chairman of the Board at Care Wisconsin.

And the list goes on… Our Microbusiness President Matthew Ziemke is a member of the American Heart Association’s Executive Leadership Team. Our Executive Vice President of Business Development, Christian Rosenstock is an Advisor for the Business School at Madison College, an ADI Committee Member for the Madison Children’s Museum, and has started his own charity, Gunning for Hope, to raise money for cancer research.

Those I’ve mentioned here represent just a small fraction of TASC individuals who work selflessly, giving their time, mind, and resources to support a variety of organizations all across the United States.  I am inspired by—and consider myself very lucky indeed to work alongside—these individuals at TASC. Our environment of team work is integral to our philosophy of working together for the greater good. Of course the need is never-ending, as are the rewards.

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New Year, New Challenges

The New Year is only a couple of weeks old and already the benefits world is shifting and changing. For example, on December 28, 2015 the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued Notice 2016-04 extending two deadlines: distribution of IRS Form 1095 to employees, and filing of IRS Form 1094 to the IRS (for 2015 Affordable Care Act/ACA) reporting. This bombshell had the industry scrambling during the last week of 2015.

LC_January_2016_Page_01Countless employers and benefits administrators were already confused about the complex new rules and requirements mandated by ACA. In fact, they may see this changed deadline not as a gift, but more as yet another challenge. Meanwhile, because of the looming original deadline, many administrators had already stopped taking on new customers. While I understand their hesitancy to extend themselves or to take on customers they aren’t sure they can serve, this closed door left many employers with few options… Unlike those administrators who closed access to newcomers, the door remains wide open at TASC, as always. We continue to accept new ACA Employer Reporting Clients for 2015, and will do so until January 31, 2016.

TASC is ready to help you attempt to meet the requirement on time. To my way of thinking, it is better to have someone in your corner than to try to go it alone. Granted, even TASC—with many years of experience in the benefits industry—continues to learn about this new requirement. But this is what we DO, and we are learning quickly. And because we’re handling a huge volume of reports, our expertise in this area is growing exponentially!

Thanks to our robust understanding of this requirement, we were invited to author an article on the topic. Naturally we were pleased to therefore break down the new ACA Employer Reporting requirements for the Legal and Compliance Excellence magazine (January 2016 issue). I think you’ll agree that this article is a great place to refresh your understanding of this requirement. And I highly recommend that you share it with other business owners.  They’ll thank you! (Click on the magazine’s cover image at right to read this informative piece.)

Of course, if you have questions after reading the article, give us a call. We will do everything we can to help.

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