We are excited to continue working with the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management, and their Workplace Giving Program. Our mission is offering operational services that give customers peace of mind and innovative solutions. It is an honor to be selected to continue this great work with The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) and look forward to working together to advance the important work of this program even further.

The Give Back Foundation is a §501(c)(3) that encourages more people, giving more, more often, to more charitable organizations.  With access to more than 1.5 million IRS approved charities, the Give Back Foundation helps ensure that the generosity of its patrons goes where they expect and will make a difference.

CFC is the world’s largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign, raising millions of dollars each year by Federal government employees. Pledges made by Federal civilian, postal and military donors during the campaign season (September to January) support eligible non-profit organizations that provide health and human service benefits throughout the world.

Five years ago when TASC was selected by the Give Back Foundation for the first contract, the CFC program was a paper based system that was underutilized and in need of an upgrade to a more streamlined, user friendly platform.

TASC was able to help evolve the 50-year old paper-based system into an innovative, tech-enabled Workplace Giving solution that is more focused on the employee giver. To do so, TASC became the only government contractor to integrate across all Federal agencies and departments. The platform architecture we used is certified for security and financial integrity over several lengthy government third-party audits.  

New enhancements and features will drive additional charity and consumer engagement. Some of these include mobile enhancements like text-to-give and additional funding sources that promotes cashless giving at charity, fundraising or disaster based giving events. In addition, this new contract, for the first time, brings the ability to facilitate Disaster Relief Campaigns and a solicitation period outside of a campaign year.

The OPM’s confidence in TASC and the Give Back Foundation lead to the decision to add an additional 5 year to the contract. Attested by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), TASC’s financial life-cycle management passes transparency and accountability expectations. The Give Back Foundation, TASC and the CFC are excited to continue their partnership creating new innovations with data-driven decisions that will increase donor participation, decrease the cost of the program, and increase the amount of funds donated to charities.  

TASC as a third-party administrator, offers a unique service benefit offering solution called Universal Benefit Account. An employer benefit account offering providing employees access to funds and universal benefits such as health care in addition to workplace giving.    

Posted by: danielrashke | January 8, 2021

Our Democracy is at Stake

There is no place for the deliberate disregard for our democracy that occurred on the steps of the United States Capitol this week. Leadership comes with responsibility. Freedom comes with responsibility. We all must uphold truths, seek facts and defend the will of the people. Our electoral system is not without its issues, but that system is the power of the people.

Our elections in this country are sacred. The power of the people lies in our ability to exercise our right to vote. The will of the people is the breath of the United States. When the sanctity and validity of that power is called to question and terrorized without merit, that is to question the legitimacy and the sanctity of our greatest treasure.

The events over the last two months culminating in the violence and destruction of this week are a direct assault on the rights of our citizens.  

I strongly condemn the shameful acts perpetrated on the United States Capitol. The time is now to stop saying, “this isn’t who we are as a nation” and realize that there are those in this nation who are a threat to the fundamental principles of our democracy. Leaders from across the country must stand up and voice our condemnation for these acts and the attacks on our democratic processes.

The destruction and lawlessness on the steps and in the halls of our United States Capitol is disgraceful. I am horrified at the chaos that erupted and saddened by the blatant disrespect for our constitution and the peaceful transition of power within our highest leadership offices that was decided by the people, for the people.

There must be accountability for the actions at the U.S. Capitol and the words and actions that compelled this assault.

We are better than this and we must demand those around us be better as well. We must hold accountable those who are working to topple our democracy and discourage the will of the people. We have reached the point where it is no longer a choice but a responsibility to come together and call for unity, peace and order.

Our democracy is revered as the most exceptional in the world. We stand now, on the world’s stage vulnerable and exposed. These events challenge the very ideals and moral fibers that thread our nation together. We cannot accept the insurrection of these few to define the work and will of the many. The foundations of our democracy are at stake.

We must end this. We must put a stop these lies and attacks on our electoral system and attempts to disenfranchise the American voters.

It is our responsibility to hold accountable those we put in leadership positions and those seeking to disenfranchise the will and power of the people. I stand against attacks on our democracy both foreign and domestic and will use my voice to stand for what is right and just.

The double standard in the minds and actions of Americans regarding the acceptability of this mob carrying out an attack on our Capitol and our democracy yet condemning peaceful protests calling for equality and justice for millions of Americans is unacceptable. There is no comparison. The fallout of this tragedy shows the bias and systemic racism and injustice that runs deep in the veins of this country.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done. I will continue to push the boundaries in my company and in my life to stand up for what is right and just and I implore you to do the same. Our democracy is at stake.

Posted by: danielrashke | December 21, 2020

Lessons From the Last Recession

2020 has been a year of challenge and uncertainty and we are bracing for more in the new year. It’s important that we look to the lessons of the past to help prepare ourselves and our clients for the future.

TASC has weathered a few storms in our 45-year history. We’ve seen highs and lows; recessions and booms and we’ve endured them all. We know that following this unprecedented situation, the end won’t come with a vaccine. We will be dealing with the economic fallout of this for years to come. We are both looking to the past and relying on our innovative visions to prepare our organization and our clients for the future.

The recession and the pandemic are impacting the economy and the country in vastly different ways. From 2007 to 2009 our country faced the most significant decline in our economy since the 1930’s. The great recession hit everywhere and everyone. Financial institutions were among some of the hardest hit and the housing bubble burst, leaving millions in a lurch.

TASC saw an uptick in notices of clients canceling because they were shutting their doors. As a result of the number of clients shuttered, we felt it on our top line with an approximate two-point difference in our revenue.

During the recession, TASC stood resolutely with other individuals and businesses knowing we could, and we would weather this storm. We saw several bankruptcies devastate our clients; companies fell behind on claims as they struggled to stay afloat. One of the major repercussions of the recession for employees who retained their jobs were their benefits suffered. Companies had to cut costs and that often-included fringe benefits and benefits deemed “unnecessary”.

We worked hard to make the benefits that our clients and their employees valued and needed accessible and available so that companies could continue to offer them, and employees could rest easy knowing they were getting the benefits they not only needed but that were also helpful.

The pandemic has also affected everywhere and everyone. It has changed the way many businesses are managed. The industries that are hardest hit are far different from previous economic challenges. Those affected today are small businesses, brick and mortar companies and hospitality, not a typical TASC client. Because of that, we as a business, aren’t feeling the strain at the same rate as it relates to our top line.

However, we had to change and adapt to the shifts in our environment and adjust our way of doing business internally. Our employees have been hit at home and in life and we needed to evolve our business to accommodate that and help our employees thrive. That being said, our business was not as negatively affected as unfortunately many others were and are. 

Ironically, the recession has had no bearing on the consumption of things like daycare or medical care other than the economic change. This time, we have seen a material change in the consumption of both those things. This is impactful to TASC because the transaction value, the account management and the card utilization lead us to stand up TASC Responds.

TASC Responds included specific account offerings that were targeted where people were being hit hardest and the need to plan for the unexpected. We were driven to adapt our services to the market needs that could then be absorbed into our overall service model.

We will do everything in our power to continue to build a sustainable organization so that we can continue to offer fair prices to our customer. With that said, we are not going to move away from making sure that we continue to extract the value for our organization that is commensurate with the value we are delivering. We are valuable in a down market and an up market.  

Taking calculated risks has allowed us to excel during high points and challenging times that have tested our business.  

During the recession TASC looked after our clients and looked at attracting new business when it seemed impossible and we took risks. We know that after surviving and thriving following the 2007-2009 recession, TASC is poised well to take on the challenges we will face in the wake of this pandemic.  

This is a difficult time. Whether you are a business owner or an employee. There is uncertainty, confusion and the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of challenges ahead. TASC can take them on. We are looking out for the security of our employees, our clients and our participants and whatever we will face in the next year and beyond, TASC will confront it with strategic intention. We will move forward and we will take risks to help our company and our clients whether the storm.

Posted by: danielrashke | December 1, 2020

Giving Tuesday

This holiday season, the biggest thing we can give is our love, our time and our heart. This season is different because though we may not be able to physically join together to give back it has never been more important to find ways to help those in need and the organizations that support them.

No matter where you are or what cause you champion, this Giving Tuesday and for the remainder of the year find ways to give back. We heal through giving. We unite through giving and in this, the season of giving, I want to encourage you to find your spirit of giving.

On this Giving Tuesday, I reflect on the year we’ve had and look forward to the year ahead. There is no doubt that 2021 will bring its own unique set of challenges but I am proud of our organization for stepping to the plate in 2020 and make giving a priority during this difficult time. It brings me hope for the future; that we can come together to help those in need even when faced with our own challenges.

Giving back is engrained in who we are at TASC. Our support aligns to our communities’ needs, harnesses our employee’ passions, and supports the TASC Mission. It is our goal to lead by example and inspire others to make a difference in their own communities and the causes that are close to their hearts.

We encourage employees to give back in a variety of ways. In addition to drives held both virtually and in person, employees can request TASC support for organizations in which they are actively involved. TASC also accepts requests from nonprofits and organizations helping to better our communities.

Providing a wide variety of options for employees to take part in and ways to become involved, means that more people are likely to participate. This allows us to support diverse efforts across the country for a variety of causes that our employees are passionate about. From environmental, health, seniors, children, hunger, animals, social justice and more, TASC is broadening our horizons with giving.

Through August 2020, 269 TASC employees utilized 3,606 hours of our Paid Volunteer Time Off program. Each TASC employee receives up to 40 paid annual volunteer hours to serve their communities during business hours. We’ve seen entire TASC departments work the evening rush at a local food pantry, participation in national disaster relief efforts, and some who have even started their own charitable organizations.

This year we expanded the program to go beyond traditional 501c3 organizations to provide additional opportunities for our employees to help and want to be involved. TASC encouraged involvement in social justice causes and organizations and we also encouraged our employees to support local bipartisan election efforts including working at local polling places.

The employee participation in our Paid Volunteer Time Off programs is valued at over $115,000.

The TASC Dollars for Doers program encourages employees to volunteer during non-working hours. For every hour of volunteering outside of work hours, TASC donates money into their giving account that can then be re-gifted to a nonprofit organization of their choosing. In 2020, 1,921 hours has been attributed to Dollars for Doers as of August. 53 employees participated in the program.

From 2016 through August 2020, TASC has dedicated $2,135,444 in total giving through our giving programs. This includes Dollars for Doers, Paid Volunteer Time Off and other giving focused programs. As an organization whose employees are spread throughout the United States, that’s a lot of communities impacted by TASC employees.

We are proud to be an organization dedicated not only to our business endeavors but to investing in the communities we live, work and play. On this Giving Tuesday and for all of December, I encourage you to take the time to give back to your communities and encourage your employees to do the same. We are at our best when we give back.

Posted by: danielrashke | November 24, 2020

Leadership in a Remote Workplace

Remote work is the new normal around the world. Even before the coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses to transform, there were nearly five million remote employees across the globe. From 2005 to 2017, remote work opportunities saw a 159% increase.[i] Prior to the onset of coronavirus, just 3.4% of the U. S. population worked remotely. That number has certainly increased in the wake of the current circumstances with estimates of 33% of the US workforce moving to remote work.

According to a PWC report, a majority of CEOs surveyed (78%) say the shift towards remote collaboration is enduring, a nod to the momentum building around flexibility. More than half of the respondents (54%) believe the trend away from traditional employment and towards the gig economy is here to stay.[ii]

A remote workplace brings about the need for a new type of leadership. Leading remotely. Leadership and management must adapt to fit current and changing circumstances. Right now, we need leaders who can motivate, inspire, and drive in new and unique ways. One thing is for certain, communication is the key to effective leadership especially in a remote workplace.

Even TASC, whose workforce was 75% remote prior to this shift, needed to adapt to the fully remote work model. We had to increase our communication with employees to support them. We set up weekly video conference company meetings to keep morale up and maintain engagement in the company. These meetings helped keep us on track with company goals, personal goals and working as a unit. After all, employees need to know what is expected of them and any change in process in order to be set up for success. It’s even more important when you can’t see them in person.

Managers shoulder the responsibility of setting measurable goals and expectations that are specific for the company, the team and the individual and working diligently to ensure understanding. We’ve found regularly revisiting and updating goals and expectations ensures everyone is remaining on track even without in person meetings

Encouraging and fostering collaboration and team building is crucial. One way to do that is emphasizing the importance of giving back and engaging in unique ways with the community. It is important not only for those being serve but for individual and team morale. Everyone can be an Everyday Philanthropist and what better way to bring your employees together than through remote philanthropy. Fostering a culture of giving within your organization boosts morale, increases pride for your organization and encourages team members to work together for the community, even if it’s in a remote capacity.

A corporate culture of giving has been shown to increase employee engagement and make a positive impact on the community. To help businesses learn more about what can work for your organization, TASC has a list of programs that can easily be implemented. You can view that list and learn how they can work for your business, employees and community here.  

TASC has a number of ways to encourage employees to give back. From a Giving Savings Account that provides employees the opportunity to put money into a savings account earmarked for a charitable cause of their choice. A Crisis PTO Account that can be made available to other employees in their time of need or a Donor Advised Fund Individual Giving Account offering employees a simple way to give to any of thousands of 501(c)3 organization through a giving account. Encouraging service to the community helps employees feel bonded to the organization and instills a sense of investment and comradery with the organization.

Communication, advocacy, and creating an inclusive environment despite remote challenges is key to providing crucial leadership in a remote workplace. Keep your employees engaged and connected to each other and the organization to keep your business thriving in times of change.

[i] Reynods, Weiler Brie. 159% Increase in Remote Work Since 2005. Flexjobs and Global Analytics Report. Flexjobs. 2020.

[ii]How Business Can Emerge Stronger. CEO Panel Survey, p. 8. https://www.pwc.com/gx/en/ceo-agenda/ceo-panel-survey-emerge-stronger.pdf.

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