Posted by: danielrashke | October 21, 2021

Win, Do Good, and Deliver Peace of Mind

At our recent employee conference, I talked about how we are taking care of business. We are here to Win, Do Good and Deliver Peace of Mind. It has been a constant journey and the journey is not over. It will never be over. We want to continue to grow our business, Win in our market, Do good for our business, our clients, our people and our communities, and deliver Peace of Mind for everyone we connect with.

In this climate of change, we continue to innovate with a philanthropic discipline, especially as we concentrate our collective resources on those that have been underserved.

Taking care of business goes beyond the walls of our business. It also includes our communities where we live, work and serve, our clients, our employees and beyond. Similarly to what I discussed in my previous blog post on The Triple Bottom Line, there is more to the success of business than the financial segment.

We want to win financially, we also want to succeed in doing good for our communities and to deliver peace of mind to those relying on us to provide, smart, simple, and secure services.

Success is fluid. Business is constantly evolving. We’ve had some roadblocks in the last few years. There will always be roadblocks. How we address them, learn from them and grow from them directly affect every aspect of our success and also goes to deliver peace of mind for those relying on us for services.

Our goal is to continue to partner with other innovative, forward-thinking, and diverse companies to continue to grow and learn. These partnerships help us expand our knowledge and industry reach and enable us to stay true to our ethos.

In the words of American politician, lawyer, voting rights activist Stacey Abrams “I’m going to move forward. Because going backwards isn’t an option and standing still is not enough.” That’s what we will continue to do at our organization as well. Take our setbacks and use them to our advantage. Exploring where we can be better and do better.

The marketplace needs what we have to offer. We are the innovative leaders in our industry. It came from hard work, sweat equity and frustration. The mountains behind us as well as the hills in front of us are worth the result of providing highly configurable, unique offerings that meet and exceed the needs of the industry.

We will continue to strive to positively impact those around us and encourage similar practices for other businesses looking to us as leaders in our areas of expertise and beyond.

Just because a person, a company or an enterprise finds themselves in a challenging position, that is not a reason to avoid innovation, risk and change especially for the overall good. There are no perfect businesses, there are no perfect actions. Innovate, tackle the challenges in front of us head on. Accept that not everything will be a win but the wins, when they come to fruition, are big.

We are in a race to improve. As our competitors begin to close the gap we remain steadfast in our drive to constantly provide the best, most unique and innovative services in our industry.

We will continue to build quality products. Innovate, serve with speed and empathy as we simplify and grow.

No matter where we are in our journey, the ethos of our organization has and will remain the same. Win, do good, and deliver peace of mind.  


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