Posted by: danielrashke | July 29, 2021

Innovation and Leadership

What is one thing that really sets an organization and the people in it apart? Innovation. Bringing an idea, technique or product to fruition isn’t simple but it is essential for a business to thrive.

The ability to get new things done and find efficient ways to do them is the traditional thought around innovation. But it’s so much than that. It’s about figuring out how and where you can add unique value to your business, industry, clients, or community.

How do you become an innovative thinker, leader, organization?

Solving problems, creating opportunities, opening conversations, bringing more people to the table. These are the key components to fostering creativity and innovation.

Innovation is essentially brainstorming ideas and bringing them to fruition. Problems arise when too many people at the top of an organization are the only ones doing the innovating. If the ideas and the process remain at the top, that’s not innovation, that’s going to create more of the same. To be a truly innovative organization, employees from all parts of the organization are involved in the brainstorming and the process. Innovation is companywide.

What are the needs that need to be met? Who is looking to harness the power of their imagination and creativity? What aspects of the organization have remained untapped in these areas?

Are the right people at the table? If there are problems in one area of the organization, the solutions need to come from the people at the forefront of that area. They need a seat at the table. They are in the trenches; they know the ins and outs and they might have some great ideas on how to turn it around.

Innovation isn’t always a success. Think of how many ideas seem great at the outset but throughout the process, flaws take over and the idea fails. An important part of innovation is flexibility. Flexibility to move on, to pivot, the failure and try again. Be open to experimentation and failure. Challenge the process, push the limits and be open to change.

Keep looking forward. One success does not equal an innovative organization or person. The world is constantly evolving, and innovation is the process of anticipating what’s next, staying ahead of the competition. If you stop and revel in your success too long, the world is going to pass you by.

Be prepared to sell your idea. Innovation isn’t just about great ideas and harnessing, fine tuning and creating, it’s about selling. You must be able to stand behind and back your ideas. If you believe in, sell it so others believe in it as much as you do.


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