Posted by: danielrashke | March 22, 2021

Hate Ends Here

I am appalled at the vicious attacks sweeping our country over the last couple of years. These attacks aren’t new. Racism isn’t new. Attempts to justify these horrific acts aren’t new. Our country has a deep- rooted history in violence and racism. The time for these actions to be brushed under the rug or deemed acceptable or encouraged is over. It’s been over. These injustices must stop and those responsible must be held accountable. It’s time we call these crimes what they are. Hate crimes.

There have been over 3,000 attacks reported against Asian-Americans between March and December 2020. A massive spike from the 216 attacks that were reported in 2019 according to FBI statistics. The blatant disrespect by people from all walks of life, including influential figures who know the effects their words have, to encourage hate and ignorance directed at a specific group of people is unacceptable and it’s un-American. There is nothing patriotic about racism and ignorance.

One of the recent attacks included the cold-blooded murder of six Asian-American women. If that wasn’t horrific enough, a response by local law enforcement excused the behavior by saying the killer “was having a bad day.” This is unacceptable. Words have consequences. Just like actions. We must hold both accountable and understand that the slang terms and off-hand remarks bear as much responsibility and can have as horrific a consequence as pulling the trigger.

Change starts with me. It starts with you. It starts with all of us. The buck stops here. This hate and this violence have no place in this country. I’ve been there; We have all been there. We’ve made ignorant comments, heard and reused slang terms from 5, 10 or 40 years ago. We have been conditioned to use derogatory terms in a joking manner or to explain a situation.

What can we do?  

Be open to constructive feedback regarding our choice of words or action. Accountability needs to be not only you holding those around you accountable but being open to being held accountable yourself. I have experienced this and although an uncomfortable situation, I am grateful for the callout. We need to fight the urge to be defensive in our reaction. Be thankful and reflective when you get called out and asked to re-think your choices to benefit everyone including yourself.

The accountability is on each of us to give feedback and in turn to accept it and do something with it. Put in the work to be better. It’s on each of us to do the homework, to use our voices to speak up and to think before we speak or act.

We need to lean in, have tough conversations and use our voice. We have to hold ourselves, our friends, family and co-workers accountable for their words and their actions. Unity is possible but we have to have the courage to speak up for it and demand it of those around us.

As for TASC, we will remain steadfast in our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We need to stay focused on creating and maintaining and anti-racist workplace and influencing and taking action more globally to ensure that our communities are advancing anti-racist ideals and policies and driving to a more equitable experience for all. Equity and justice is not for some, it is for all.  

We can all do our part. We can all be accountable hold others to the same. Here are a few ways you can be a part of the solution.

  1. Stand alongside those in pain. Don’t try to fix. Just be there.
  2. Use your voice. Talk about it. Have the courage to say what is on your mind.
  3. Be informed. Read and do your research from credible sources, not sources that simply agree with your view.  I encourage you to check out the Netflix documentary “Social Dilemma”. Knowledge is power and it opens doors to even more ways to initiate actions that can bring about positive change.
  4. Find the courage to reframe conversations that don’t feel right.
  5. Commit every single day to building an equitable and just society by refusing to accept racism and discrimination of any kind in your bubble.

To be silent is to be complicit. We must speak up and stand up. TASC and myself will continue to evolve our practices, be accountable and hold others accountable. I implore you to do the same. Too many lives are being lost, too many excuses are being made and too many people are silent. Speak up, stand up and let’s join together to unite for what’s right.


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