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TASC Votes

If you want your voice to be heard and you want to be a facilitator of change, vote. As an employer, I am taking action to empower my employees and providing them opportunities to make voting easier, which in turn, will hopefully encourage more to vote. That’s why myself and TASC leadership have decided to offer ways for our employees to vote and take the time they need to do so.

The most effective way for a company to impact the political process and empower employees is by whole-heartedly encouraging and providing opportunities for employees to vote and be involved in the election process.

TASC is excited that our organization will be affording our employees paid time to not only vote but also to get involved in their community election process by volunteering at the polls. TASC will be expanding our Paid Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program to include volunteering for bi-partisan election purposes.

The TASC VTO program affords TASC employees 40 hours of paid time to volunteer with an organization they are passionate about. This program encourages community engagement and involvement and allows employees to take time out of their workday to give back and get paid for it.

Earlier this year, we announced the expansion of our Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program By expanding the program beyond 501(c)3 organizations, we enabled our employees to use their annual 40 VTO hours for activism, standing up for change and getting engaged with organizations and causes that were meaningful to them beyond an official 501(c)3 organization.

This expansion also includes time for voting and assisting others to vote. Employees can use some or all their VTO hours to get community members to the polls to vote and/or assist in their local community by working in the election, as a poll worker.  

For election day, TASC will also be making a concerted effort to have a ‘no-meeting’ day to avoid congested schedules and allow employees every opportunity to get out and vote.

In addition, TASC has joined forces with over 1,300 other companies from all over the United States in a movement called Time To Vote. One of the frequent reasons given by registered voters who didn’t vote is the lack of time to do so between demands of work and life. Time to Vote is a commitment by these organizations to encourage employees to vote and be afforded time to do so. It’s great to see companies all over the country providing the opportunity for employees to get engaged this election season to ensure a safe and fair election. We are excited to join the movement.

TASC is dedicated to change for the better and encouraging our employees to use their voice and their time to get involved and be the change they want to see in this country. We have pledged to be a part of the solution and be a leader in changing the way we do business, view our employees and engage in our communities. One way we can do that is by getting out the vote and encouraging others to do the same.

There is a shortage of poll workers this year due to COVID-19. Generally, poll workers are over the age of 60 and those people are considered higher risk for the current situation and it’s up to the younger, lower risk generation to become empowered and step during this election season.

We took the opportunity during a recent all company webinar to discuss the importance of volunteering at the polls and becoming engaged in the election in that way. We had two TASC employees who serve as election officials discuss the work involved and the logistics of serving at the polls.  

These individuals are responsible for ensuring election protocol is followed for in-person voting, counting ballots at the end of the night, issuing ballots, registering voters, monitoring the voting equipment and more. Training is required but varies by state. The election process is different for every state.

For anyone who is unsure about the integrity of our country’s voting process, we encourage them to volunteer and participate to get first-hand experience and insight into the process. If you are interested in learning more about and becoming an election official for this year’s election, visit the U.S. Election Assistance Website.

This year, concerns surrounding COVID-19 makes planning for how you will be voting more important than ever. There are several states allowing early voting, voting by mail, or absentee voting. What’s important if you are planning to vote through one of these methods is knowing the deadlines in your area for voter registration.

For specific voting information for all 50 states is a great resource to make sure you are up to date in voting laws including those that have been changed for 2020. This is especially important for companies like TASC who have employees all over the country (40+ states, 500+ polling locations). It ensures that your employees have the information they need regardless of where they are to vote and make sure their vote is counted.

According to the U.S. Census only about 67% of Americans are registered to vote. Who you vote for matters and is crucial in determining the path this country takes. Providing resources to employees about registering to vote is the first step to empower them to be a part of the process and have a say in the direction this country goes. is a terrific resource to get started.

Make sure you’re registered to vote and encouraging your employees to do the same. Share communications with employees with information about voter registration deadlines. is a great source for finding voter registration deadlines for all 50 states.  It’s important to remember not every state allows you to register on election day.

TASC is committed to fostering a culture where employees feel valued and want to give back and be a part of the change we are dedicated to. Voting, encouraging others to vote and helping the process is a terrific next step for our organization to connect with our communities and be actively involved in the change we are striving to be a part of.

In the words of New Orleans Saints Defensive End Cameron Jordan, “only 60% of (us) voted in 2016, that’s not gonna get it done. We can’t win if we don’t play.” So, let’s do it. Let’s play to win. Commit to vote and be engaged for the upcoming election. We’re in. Are you?

Click here to see NBC15’s coverage of local businesses making efforts to encourage voting.


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