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How TASC Customizes Best Practices of Other Industries to Make our Business Better

Businesses don’t have to reinvent the wheel to work more effectively and efficiently. At TASC, we combine our own innovations and best practices with those from other leaders in their industries to create the best work environment and protocols for our business. Let’s dive into a few examples of best practices concepts from other industries that TASC has adapted to meet our own customer and business needs. 

Mass Customization

When people think of this concept the idea of a mill comes to mind and for many that isn’t a positive correlation with streamlined, efficient work. But, the work of a mill is to break down rough pieces until they become a finely milled product that is then put together into something useful and good like baked bread or a piece of furniture. TASC is working to mill our products down until they become fine-tuned, efficient and effective offerings that our clients can use in everyday life or can easily access when needed. We are breaking away the rougher pieces to create plans that easily work for our clients.

Right Touch

At TASC, we work hard to provide what we call Right Touch service to our clients. This means we want to get them where they need to be and talking to who they need to talk to as quickly and efficiently as possible. TASC serves the needs of both high-tech and high-touch customers. When high-tech is desired, TASC meets that need with our mobile and web applications. When the situation warrants high-touch TASC can do that as well with its Benefit Advantage Premium Services, a division of TASC and/or its dedicated client account management services. During the current situation this can be likened to what many restaurants are doing in order to provide service to their customers during unprecedented times when “normal” restaurant interactions are not possible.

For places that can’t offer services in their dining rooms, restaurants have gotten creative and are offering extended patio services. Tables that are set 6 feet apart, parking lots turned dining locations, expanded and creative take-out ideas and locations. Providing the right touch service to make customers feel safe, secure and welcome while complying with enhanced health and safety regulations.

Manufacturing mindset

Manufacturing mindset is the process of streamlining, standardizing, and speeding up processes across the board. Taking processes and making them more efficient for employees and for customers. TASC uses manufacturing mindset to set processes and procedures that help our organization work faster and smarter. It’s been shown that applying a lean manufacturing mindset to processes can reduce cycle time, paperwork and errors. We pride ourselves on accuracy and quick, reliable service and implementing manufacturing mindset processes help us to do that.

Other companies who utilize manufacturing mindset include Boeing and Amazon. Boeing used manufacturing mindset to streamline their assembly processes. By adapting new, more efficient protocols they were able to cut assembly time in half.

Amazon has adapted a manufacturing mindset for several areas of their business model. Enhancing their already sophisticated distribution processes they were able to streamline the entire customer experience; search, purchase and delivery.

TASC will continue to enhance employee processes, customer experience and innovation using a manufacturing mindset.

Fast Pass

In 1999, The Walt Disney Company introduced the Fast Pass system. This was an innovation for guests to skip the standby lines for some of their favorite attractions. The Fast Pass system is still in use today at both Walt Disney World and in Disneyland. Today, guests go through a separate queue for the same attraction. This is called a Fast Pass line. In Disneyland, guests wishing to use the Fast pass service pay an additional fee on top of their theme park admission.

TASC has adapted the Disneyland Fast Pass system for our own customers. For those customers who meet a condition that grants them the add-on Fast Track Service, there is a component to that service called priority queuing. Whenever they call or one of their employees call with any type of inquiry, TASC’s system recognizes that they have added on that service. The TASC system moves that call into priority queuing. Those calls receive faster resolution, transaction and service.

We are using the best practices of other industries combined with our own innovation and creativity to improve and advance TASC systems and processes. Employee benefits are complex; we strive to simplify the information and systems for employers and employees to provide the best service possible. This is all based on applying a Functional Work Design with strategic exceptions, coupled with context based workflow where work is contextualized and routed to the appropriately skilled resource. The underpinnings of this is all based on the core design of TASC’s benefit account management service model working in concert with the core design of TASC’s compliance service model. We didn’t become a leader in third-party benefits by reinventing the wheel. We build upon the successful systems of our industry and others. We improve upon our own ideas and constantly strive to be better and be open to improvement. 

If you are interested in learning about how we put these best practices into action for our clients and their employees click HERE.


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