Posted by: danielrashke | July 24, 2019

Welcoming A Distinguished Guest

2019-07-22 Dan Rashke, Senator Mark Miller, Cliff Mason

Dan Rashke, Senator Miller, and Cliff Mason

TASC was pleased to welcome Wisconsin State Senator Mark Miller for a recent tour of our corporate headquarters. The tour included a stop at the former Oscar Mayer plant, a leased space where TASC employees built our innovative Universal Benefit Account in a startup-style environment.

Senator Miller is more than the representative of the district where TASC is located. He has also been a satisfied customer of benefit administration services provided by TASC to State of Wisconsin employees. Further, he completely understood our need for more space to continue our growth and to provide good jobs in the area.

This visit provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how we operate, the history we’ve built upon and the future we’re building towards. Senator Miller thought he knew a fair amount about TASC before he arrived, so it was great to hear him say, “The more I learn, the more impressed I am with TASC.”

Thank you, Senator Miller. We appreciate your support.



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