Posted by: danielrashke | September 1, 2017

TASC Responds to Harvey

TASC_Cares_Logo“TASC responds. Make no mistake. TASC does not react. TASC responds. Fortunately for you, our customers and myself, TASC and its employees understand that they are part of something bigger than themselves. We are all …

… part of a family.

… part of an organization.

… part of a local, state, and national community.

We are all part of something bigger. I have seen it, I have heard it, and I have felt it.  Will you react or will you respond? ”

Sixteen years ago, I wrote those words in the On TASC magazine in response to 9/11. And the same holds true today as we work to help those suffering through Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

With a decentralized workforce, TASC has relationships of many kinds in every state in the union. So, one of our first duties is to determine where our people are, and are they ok? Then, TASC will reach out to all of our customers impacted to see what we can do to assist them. TASC will support those affected by catastrophic events like this by helping to clear obstacles – including getting payments through the system efficiently. One way we can provide peace of mind is to ensure uninterrupted service regardless if it is a situation that effects the nation, one part of the nation, or a disaster that effects TASC only.

TASC’s clients and participants in the affected areas continue to have access to their plan accounts and funds. Those with the TASC Card can still pay for eligible benefits quickly and easily. TASC Card holders should check their MyCash accounts for any available funds that can be used for supplies, food, water, and whatever is needed.

We are setting up financial support for the Red Cross via our GiveBack service, where TASC will match up to $20k through an employee match program to help those in Texas.

And we are here to help. TASC can be contacted in many ways. We can be reached by phone, mail, email, and the web. TASC will be here.


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