Posted by: danielrashke | June 16, 2017

Workplace giving is good for business


Recently, I was honored to speak during In Business magazine’s inaugural “Think Tank on Corporate Culture.” I was—and am—fired up about my topic: TASC’s commitment to community engagement, and how giving back to the community is an integral component of our organization’s culture.

I believe any company’s active philanthropy program entails far more than just writing a check. Active philanthropy requires stewardship—showing up, contributing resources, rolling up your sleeves, and being truly engaged in the process. Along with benefiting the community, the results boost business and networking opportunities and foster a positive working environment.

Two recent studies shed some light on the employee philanthropy connection. Earlier this year American’s Charities found that 55% of employees would choose to work for a socially responsible company…even if the salary was less. And a 2016 Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship “community involvement” study looked at companies that measure the connection between volunteer participation and employee engagement. Results showed a 90% (positive) correlation between participation and engagement scores. This means workplaces that emphasize active philanthropy are overwhelmingly seeing a return on that investment in the form of highly engaged employees. It’s simple: engaged employees are productive employees, and that benefits the company’s bottom line.

Finding unique ways to engage and enthuse employees. Offering a variety of options for giving back. These are key to TASC employee involvement and support of the causes closest to them.

  • Paid volunteer time – Our employee benefits include 40 paid volunteer hours each year. Entire TASC departments have been known to work together at local charities, or traveled to participate in national disaster relief efforts.
  • Dollars for Doers – This program encourage employees to continue their volunteer efforts. For every hour volunteered outside of work hours TASC donates to the employee’s non-profit of choice.
  • The Reason I Give Back – Employees are invited to submit videos for the company’s annual “The Reason I Give Back” contest. The winner’s charity receives a $1,000 donation on behalf of TASC.
  • In-kind donations – TASC offers its service offerings free or at a reduced rate to non-profit organizations.

The results have been overwhelming. In 2016 TASC and our team of employees donated $248,000 to United Way. Through TASC Cares, we’ve donated more than $985,000 to various charities.

No doubt there are many more paths to giving back than those I’ve listed here. I welcome feedback about the unique workplace giving you have created. Leave me a comment here.


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