Posted by: danielrashke | May 10, 2017

Taking the Time to Listen

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Just a few weeks ago, our top performing Providers enjoyed an exclusive reward incentive trip to Banff, Canada. Each year, as part of our Provider Incentive Program (PIP), TASC recognizes those distributors, brokers, account managers, accountants, and other vital partners who distribute our services to their Clients all across the country.

It’s a great time for all of us – but in particular for me as CEO, because I get to hear feedback “straight from the horse’s mouth.” You see, at TASC, we’re about far more than telling our team about recent developments or direction – we’re about listening to them, the people who know us best, our Providers and our Clients.

We believe in making the time to sit and listen. To ask questions and wait for the answers. To consider the answers fairly even when they make us uncomfortable. We know that the challenge of constructive feedback is absolutely essential to our organization. Over the years, we’ve heard suggestions to improve services, our interactive voice response (IVR) phone system, our sales materials, and even our website. We’ve also tested new services with this group, garnering their feedback about new innovations. And even when (as happened one year!) a Provider says, “Dan – you can’t do that! That’s a crazy idea!” we hear it and absorb it. In that particular case, we went ahead with the idea anyway and MyCash was born. Once it launched, that skeptical Provider could see it was a good idea, and today is one of its staunchest supporters.

This year we held strategy meetings with each and every Provider on the trip. That means, every Provider was given a half hour, one-on-one session with a TASC sales, marketing, or executive representative to make sure his or her voice is being heard. That’s how important Provider feedback is to us.

It’s all about give and take. Ask and listen. I’m fortunate to work with great Providers who believe in TASC’s vision now and for the future. I hope to see even more people at next year’s PIP Trip. Maybe you can join us?


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