Posted by: danielrashke | October 27, 2016

On the Campaign Trail

totalGreen Bay. Denver. Minneapolis. No, these aren’t the stops on a political campaign. But then again, they just might be. You see, after 41 years in business, TASC is at a crossroads of sort. We can stay as we are today and most likely continue to experience consistent growth. At least for the time being.  And while staying the course wouldn’t hurt us in the near future, I believe the time is right to take a new direction at TASC. One that, hopefully, will help ensure long-term growth for TASC. I’ll write more about TASC’s “Total 2020” in a future blog…

I admit that it’s quite an undertaking to get nearly 1,000 employees, in more than 60 locations, all heading in the same direction at the same time. That’s why I am on the campaign trail to create excitement and build support for this new direction. I am hitting the road to bring this message to TASC’s employees who work outside of our corporate headquarters.

It started with our officers and executives at a Strategy Retreat in Green Bay, Wisconsin. That was in late September.   It continued in front of our entire Sales Team, some 150 strong from all across the country, in Denver, Colorado. That was last week. Next, we were on to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where a large number of TASC’s team resides. And I expect many more campaign stops along the way. We will repeat this presentation wherever we can pull a sizeable group of employees together efficiently without disturbing TASC’s day-to-day operations.

I believe strongly in this new direction. So strongly, that I am willing to make the commitment to spend this time traveling to our employees, to take this time to explain our new direction, to ensure complete understanding, and to get everybody on board.

By presenting this information in person to our remote staff, we’re taking a completely new path in the way we’re disseminating new ideas. Meanwhile, staff in the corporate headquarters will view the presentation via videotape. (To give them insight into and appreciation of the remote experience.)

We value our remote teams. At TASC, this personal approach is just one indication of how serious we are about maintaining and engaging our remote staff.

Vote for TASC in November!


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