Posted by: TASCAdmin | July 29, 2016

It’s who you know.

BIC_PayAwards2016Sometimes in business, it really comes down to who you know. Or at least, who you do business with. A few years ago we had the opportunity to join forces with the worldwide leader in payment cards, MasterCard. We reaped the benefit of this partnership right away. Working with this industry leader has made us stronger and better equipped to bring the latest innovations and service offerings to our clients and to the market.

As I have mentioned in an earlier blog, with MasterCard’s support and nomination, TASC was awarded “Best in Category” in the 2016 Best Health Benefits Delivery Pay Awards program. This prestigious worldwide award honors the best use of a business or corporate funded prepaid card to deliver health care benefits, including FSA, HSA and HRA programs. TASC was selected by an expert panel of judges who in recognizing the TASC Card said “when it comes to health benefits delivery, the cardholder experience and ease of use are paramount. The card that rose to top of this category is the one that offers a means to pay for eligible expenses and a separate purse for unrestricted spending of reimbursement funds.”

That is high praise indeed. Equally as gratifying is the message that Elaine Harkins, Vice President, Healthcare Business Development, MasterCard, U.S. Market Development sent to us. “We’re so proud to submit your nomination for this award, and even prouder to be your strategic partner!”

I feel exactly the same way about MasterCard. With their assistance we are able to deliver multiple purses, including the MyCash purse, which holds reimbursement funds for eligible purchases made with a payment method other than TASC Card. These funds in the MyCash purse can be spent where MasterCard is accepted, withdrawn at ATMs, or transferred to bank accounts. Additional cards are available for spouses and dependents, and cardholders pay no card-related fees. Our innovative MyCash has proven to be a true market differentiator for TASC, with MasterCard a partner in this process.

Thank you to MasterCard and the team that works with us. We are happy to have you as part of the TASC team, helping us drive our innovation forward. With MasterCard’s help we are not done innovating, not by a long shot. I am convinced that with everything in the works at TASC regarding our card program, the best is yet to come.


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