Posted by: danielrashke | June 13, 2016

Where Life Leads You

bcccc-logoWe never quite know where life is going to lead, or where we may make an impact. Our communities offer a wide variety of open doors, and through the years TASC has been fortunate to walk through some of those doors and support many causes and organizations all across this great nation.

Recently, TASC has joined the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. Now, in full disclosure, the Center came on our radar because my daughter just finished her freshman year at Boston College. But that doesn’t distract from the good work this organization does.

As a membership-supported organization, the Center combines the most valuable aspects of a professional network with the resources of a leading academic institution.  It provides research, professional development, executive education, and networking opportunities for employees of more than 440 member companies.

The Center was established with a clear and simple goal: to serve corporate citizenship professionals seeking information and insights that will help their companies achieve maximum business and social value from environmental, social, and governance investments. Each year the Center engages more than 10,000 individuals via corporate citizenship certificate programs and regional programs, timely research, issue briefs and best practice updates, and a quarterly magazine. Their annual conference addresses the challenges that corporate citizenship professionals face.

Finally, the Center’s online community is a great resource for learning, collaborating, and connecting directly with peers. Approximately 2,000 corporate citizenship professionals from around the world log on to discuss challenges, share best practices, and build valuable connections with their fellow members.

Obviously, membership in this organization is very worthwhile for TASC, with benefits available to us that are undeniable.  Benefits made possible because of an open door.  As I stated at the start of this blog, you can never tell where life is going to lead you and what opportunities will be open to you. The secret, I believe, is to keep yourself open and tuned in to whatever comes your way. What opportunities await you? Just look around you. I am sure you will find something worthwhile to get involved in and a place where you can make a difference.


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