Posted by: danielrashke | March 31, 2016

Where is TASC now?

With our annual company meeting just behind us, it seems only natural that lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of TASC. Last year we celebrated our 40th anniversary. An incredible milestone, certainly, but I’m confident there is far more ahead of us than behind. In 2016, TASC is 41, and 41 is a prime number.  Therefore, TASC is in its prime!

TASC is an enterprise with a story to be told, but more importantly, with a continuing story yet to unfold. Our past company meetings have had some inspiring and energetic themes, including The Adventure Continues, Be Great, Accept the Challenge, 35 Years of Innovation, Grow and Excel, and Succeed Together. The elements of these complex stories are in our TASC DNA. All we’ve learned and experienced in our first 40 years we carry withFOCUS_Logo_Final us into the 41st and beyond.

This year’s company meeting had a rather expansive theme: Focus: In, On, and Out. We focus IN, on ourselves, to become more efficient and easy to work with. We focus ON what we do via further innovations and services to lessen burden and worry for our customers and their human resource teams. And we focus OUT to address the industry, the market, and the future.

Here is a parallel I’d like to draw upon. Consider the movie enterprise based on the fictional Rocky Balboa character. Forty years ago Sylvester Stallone was inspired by watching Muhamad Ali, and in just three days wrote the screenplay for Rocky. (Talk about focus!) He shopped the script around and was gaining some traction for the film. The only problem… Hollywood wanted his story, but they didn’t want him.

Stallone held his ground. He saw far more than just a story or a one-hit wonder; he saw an enterprise. So he took a risk and held out for the future he envisioned. Fast forward to forty years later, and they’ve just released Creed, the sixth film in this series. And you know what? They left the ending of Creed wide open for the next story!

With TASC there is always a sequel. We will reach that next level and I assure you when we get there we will find another set of stairs to climb, and another set of stairs to build. Like today’s TASC, the TASC of the future will succeed because we focus in, focus on, and focus out all at the same time. TASC will continue to be great and most importantly, will continue to be sustainable.


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