Posted by: danielrashke | December 7, 2015

HIRE Initiative

As Campaign Chair for United Way of Dane County, part of my mantra this year has been “changing lives for the better.” United Way does just that with its Pathways out of Poverty program.

Here at TASC we’ve been able to bring that concept closer to home, right into our office, through the HIRE Initiative. This new collaborative model is designed to help social services agencies conduct employment readiness training with employers who need job-ready individuals. With an overarching goal of providing employment and helping individuals out of poverty, the initiative is a win-win for individuals, employers, and the broader community.

Through the HIRE Initiative, Adrienne Smolinski, TASC’s HR Resource Manager, worked with the YWCA on a ground-breaking Driving Customer Service class. Together we marketed and recruited attendees, and designed the curriculum for an 11-day training session. In addition, TASC donated food and transportation, along with field trips to our corporate headquarters in Madison for class attendees. With the help of this program TASC recently welcomed some qualified new hires to our Customer Service team.  And while we knew it would be beneficial to participate in the HIRE Initiative, we had no idea the far-reaching, positive impact. For example, the individuals who took part in these courses—and who have, in turn, retained employment with TASC—have gained access to programs and resources to assist them with such things as transportation, rent, childcare, business attire, etc. By demonstrating their initiative and commitment these neighbors are earning a living wage and opening new doors in their lives.

Thanks to the HIRE Initiative, TASC has gained some fine new team members. And we’ve garnered invaluable insight into our broader community, helping to ensure we are providing meaningful resources and appropriate training to address Cultural Competency and Trauma Informed Care for all of our employees. We continue to work with these agencies to better understand how we can work together to retain employees from this group. Meanwhile, it’s truly gratifying to report that every employee who joined TASC via the HIRE Initiative program is still with us today.

I recently watched a TED Talk by Regina Hartley, the Human Resources Manager for UPS. Ms. Hartley proposed that when given the choice between a job candidate with a perfect resume and one who has fought through difficulty, human resources executives should consider giving the “Scrapper” a chance. She states that people who grow up with adversity are empowered with the grit to persist in an ever-changing workplace. I tend to agree with her. (To watch her video, Hire the Scrapper, click on the link below.)

An effort like this further enhances our brand value of being a fun and caring community. We’re serious about our Strategic Philanthropy policy to strive for social benefits and business benefits to our giving. And with the giving season just around the corner, it just feels good.” target=”_blank”>


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