Posted by: danielrashke | June 19, 2015


We’re not resting on our laurels. It’s true that we’re celebrating our 40th year in business. And it’s true that we are the largest, privately-owned third onetasc-01party administrator in the nation. But if you think we are slowing down or taking it easy, you couldn’t be more wrong. We have spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours in labor to bring an improved customer experience, new system capabilities, and new service offerings. Under the project name, One TASC, we are working to integrate our multiple service offerings into a single experience for our Clients so things work smoother and faster.

One TASC is actually several different projects, each addressing an area of process improvement. The first coalesced calls, training, and communications to address all services contracted, no matter the number of services the Client has with TASC. The result?  An on-boarding process that’s simpler and less time-consuming for Clients with multiple services. In another project, we removed potentially confusing language and redesigned our website to reflect the way Participants use it, putting the most common actions on the front page. And with our Participants in mind, we are working to offer a single access point for TASC services, which should be ready later this summer.

Finally, we are tweaking a robust system that will store all Participant information in a single place. Clients will be able to search for employees across service offerings, and once there, make additions, changes, and terminations with the data flowing to all affected service offerings. This will eliminate double data entry, save time, and increase accuracy.

After 40 years of growth and innovation, we continue to expand our services and provide the best possible customer experience. Considering our commitment to strengthening customer relationships, our history of technological development, our experience and expertise, and our scope and breadth, this should come as no surprise. It’s how we live up to our name “Total Administrative Services.”

We’re not stopping there! Of course you can expect more exciting innovations coming from TASC. I’ll be talking about these in a future blog.


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