Posted by: danielrashke | June 3, 2015

TASC Provider Learns the Value of ERISAEdge

Do you know anybody who wants to be audited? I don’t! Recently, a TASC Provider witnessed firsthand the benefits of signing Clients with TASC’s ERISAEdge. Thanks to TASC and ERISAEdge, Keith Zuckerman, President of Professional Group Plans, Inc. was very pleased with the results of a Department of Labor (DOL) audit.

After the DOL audit, Keith told his staff how thankful he was that the Client in question had signed with ERISAEdge. After all, as directed by ERISAEdge, the Client had distributed Plan information in a manner acceptable to the DOL. Having done so, the Client was able to quickly provide the information requested in the audit. Indeed, the DOL Senior Investigator said the quick turnaround truly helped. And thanks to ERISAEdge—and the Client’s promptness—the DOL Investigator started the meeting by saying it would be brief and painless. And it was. He said he had not seen a group with ERISAEdge before; that almost every company he meets with fails to have the required Summary Plan Description (wrap document).

Keith was convinced and convincing in this post-audit email to his staff: “Now, here is the important part. My Client couldn’t thank me enough for insisting they buy ERISAEdge and then encouraging them to distribute the information in a compliant manner. Believe in this product and sell it. It will help you build and fortify relationships!”

I have been in this business for more than 30 years and must admit that Keith’s is one of the best complements I have ever heard.  Like Keith, I’m convinced that all businesses deserve this level of guidance and protection.


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