Posted by: danielrashke | May 7, 2015

All About the AND

ampersandAfter a week with our top distributors in Scottsdale, Arizona, I’m settling back into the office and looking back at that important gathering, and at another. Specifically, I’m ruminating about our annual Company Meeting, held in March, and about our Provider Incentive Program (PIP) Convention, held early in May. At both events we spent considerable time, effort, and resources getting our message across to our most important partners.

At both meetings, we talked about the power of one word: AND. At TASC we want to grow AND excel. How long would we last if we chose to focus on growth alone and neglected our service? Or if we focused on exceling without any thought of growth? Both are vital to the long-term success of TASC.

We strive for strategic AND operational excellence. We don’t sacrifice one for the other.  Even when we grow, we grow through acquisitions AND traditional sales. Throw into the mix incremental AND transformational innovations. Incremental innovations are the little tweaks you make to improve something, to make it better. We are really good at that. Meanwhile, we strive for transformational innovations as well; these are the innovations that transform the industry.

AND is not easy. Of course you all know what a challenge it can be to juggle our many roles. Who wouldn’t want to be a better spouse AND a better employee? And while we can’t have perfect balance between the two at all times, we all strive for just that.

So why is TASC all about the AND?  As I stated earlier, it’s because we’re striving to ensure the long-term sustainability of our business. To ensure that we remain relevant AND achieve our desired financial outcomes. If we ignore the AND, we won’t find the next new product, the next market opportunity, or the next new way of doing business.

Without a doubt, the biggest and most important AND we talked about is you AND me. That’s the other theme we stressed during these meetings. You AND I can succeed better together.


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