Posted by: danielrashke | February 20, 2015

United Way Campaign

Dan with UW Staff 02 16 15

Dan Rashke, Renee Moe, and Bill Monkmeyer

I am truly honored to serve as the new campaign chair for United Way of Dane County.  My year in this role officially kicked off on Thursday, February 12, with the Campaign Cabinet Orientation meeting. What a rousing kickoff to the campaign! We started the meeting with a DJ pumping out some vintage rock n’ roll, quite in tune with this year’s hopes to “rock” the campaign!

While we enjoyed having some fun at the start of our meeting, the seriousness of our work is never far from my mind. We want to help change the human condition for the better in Dane County, and my goal for this year is aggressive, but obtainable: to exceed 20 million dollars.

Fortunately, I have plenty of help. The amount of experience and intelligence on the United Way 2015 Cabinet (volunteers) and United Way staff is impressive. I look forward to working with these fine individuals throughout the year.

On a personal level, I hope to make a difference by providing experience and business expertise to the United Way, by helping to create and communicate the United Way value propositions, and by leveraging my network for making what I call “The Big Give.” Throughout, I’ll endeavor to learn more about our community, more about the people, and possibly more about myself.

Where will YOU leave YOUR mark? Will you reach out and engage a first time giver? Will you take the time to ask his/her opinion about how to improve the processes and procedures that can help take the United Way, and more importantly, our community to the next level? Trust me when I say: without a doubt there is a contribution that only you can bring.

But most of all, have fun! Part of the fun is that you will get something out of this, whether it’s an opportunity to learn, to think strategically, or to hone your collaboration skills. Take advantage of these opportunities. Engage and be enthusiastic to rock the 2015 campaign and beyond!

Together we will achieve great things, we will leave our mark, we will hit our campaign goal, and we’ll have fun doing it.


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