Posted by: danielrashke | December 17, 2014

Proud As Can Be

Jennifer Zisser celebrates her graduation with CDO Pam Reynolds.

Jennifer Zisser celebrates her graduation from the Leadership Greater Madison class with Pam Reynolds.

As CEO of TASC I get a lot of attention. And while that can be a good thing, what really gets my attention is when a TASC employee gets noticed for doing something good. In an earlier post I wrote about our Chief Development Officer (CDO) Pam Reynolds and TASC being named as “2014 Innovators” by the Institute of Healthcare Consumerism (IHCC). These were well-deserved honors. Now another TASC employee has been recognized for an amazing accomplishment. Recently, TASC’s Director of Customer Experience & Loyalty Jennifer Zisser became a graduate of the 21st Leadership Greater Madison class.

Leadership Greater Madison (LGM) provides advanced leadership training to help future community leaders engage in the issues affecting our area and the opportunities to make a difference. The program focuses on helping participants learn how to develop in-depth analysis of, identify resolution management approaches to, and communicate about, critical public issues. Special emphasis is placed on contemporary issues, challenges and opportunities, as well as “real world” options and experiences.

This program is not for the weak of heart. LGM consists of 10 highly-interactive and informative sessions, typically held on the fourth Tuesday of every month. These full-day sessions include specific leadership skill-training presentations and exercises, along with expert presentations with panel discussions on issues impacting the greater Madison area. This was quite an undertaking for a mother of four. Not to mention her demanding job at TASC!

Jennifer and the other talented individuals in her class did a tremendous amount of work in critical areas affecting the greater Madison area including: K–12 education, social services, quality of life, and youth leadership development.

Strong, thriving communities need educated, talented individuals to lead the way for a successful future, and LGM provides the knowledge, skills and relationship building capacity needed to inspire leadership and make a difference in the community. If we believe it takes a village to raise a child, then conversely it takes a lot of people to raise a village.

The world needs leaders like Jennifer and her fellow graduates. As far as TASC is concerned, with co-workers like Pam and Jennifer the future for us is really bright. It just doesn’t get any better than this!


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