Posted by: danielrashke | September 23, 2014

Take it Easy

I sometimes joke that TASC is like the weather in Wisconsin; if you don’t like it now, just stick around because it will change. After all, change is always in the air. And because changing for the better is a constant at TASC, I’m especially excited about what’s just ahead on our horizon.

Customer feedback has told us that our website can be a challenge to navigate. For example, those with multiple TASC service offerings have had to deal with multiple logins. Some Participants have found it difficult to locate information like their account balances. And everyone has asked us to eliminate the pop-ups.

We listen. This fall we are about ready to introduce a new online face of TASC: ONE TASC. We redesigned the website and are confident that user confusion and unnecessary clicks will be a thing of the past! For example, the new website—with simpler navigation, immediate view of balances, and easier-to-use requests for reimbursement—will streamline the way Participants manage their accounts. Those who tested the new website confirm that it’s user friendly and easy to understand.

We are ONE TASC. And this year, we’re presenting ONE TASC to the world. Our ONE TASC transition will lay the groundwork for One Source, a highly integrated One Employee Management System. With One Source, TASC’s service offerings will work together seamlessly to facilitate easy tracking of all employee changes. Just make a change in one Plan and it will filter to all related Plans.

Our second change—Clients will appreciate truly simplified services. But you can be certain that some things will never change here at TASC…  As always, we pledge to ensure Plan compliance and save you money! TASC’s Services Suites combines four service offerings in varied combinations to create just the right mix of Plans to suit the goals and objectives of every business. These four service offerings include some of our most popular and critical innovations: COBRAToday, ERISAEdge, FlexSystem, and FMLAMatters.

Aligning these dynamic service offerings helps employers reduce the burden on their team of Human Resource (HR) professionals so these employees can focus on other vital functions. Costs for outsourcing these services are usually far lower than paying for a full-time HR professional, and employers appreciate being able to relieve their internal staff of having to handle the “personal” nature that’s inherent with these administrative programs.

Two changes. And both are designed to make it easier to work with TASC.


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