Posted by: danielrashke | June 26, 2013

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

During the 2012 sales year, some Providers told me they might not attend the Provider Incentive Program (PIP) convention because Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia failed to hold much appeal for them. Conversely, most of the Providers who did attend were more than pleased with the event. I’m sure they’d agree when I say those who chose to stay home missed a lot.

When it comes to the annual PIP convention, a main appeal continues to be the exotic location each year. And while the setting is a definite draw, the business side of the meetings (scheduled and unscheduled) is more valued by many attendees. They appreciate the convention’s synthesis of a reward/vacation mindset mixed thoroughly with motivational and educational content, as is clear from the responses of Providers who attend.

In a survey of recent PIP attendees, 100 percent were very satisfied or satisfied with the opportunity to meet and spend time with peers, and with the opportunities to meet with TASC’s staff.  Some attendee comments echoed those sentiments. One Provider said “Great Convention. TASC staff was very attentive to Providers.” And another Provider commented “I enjoyed collaborating with both TASC professionals and my peers.”

In addition to these positive responses, 100 percent of the responders said they will attend another TASC convention if they qualify, and 100 percent believe the information they learned will help them sell more TASC business. Again some of the comments included “This was one of the most organized events I have ever attended!” and “It was an overall great experience!”

I put a lot of stock in these survey answers! The moral of the story—don’t judge a convention solely by the destination. Rest assured that TASC always takes you to a destination that is top notch. But even more valuable? The fact that you can count on gaining incomparable access to TASC’s leadership, that the content being delivered and discussed is invaluable to your business plans, that your feedback is paid the utmost attention, and that the format of the convention consistently fosters engagement with TASC and your peers.


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