Posted by: danielrashke | May 29, 2013

Report Card Time

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Time for final exams and report cards. This year these thoughts are especially poignant as I watch my son prepare for his high school graduation. There is definitely a buzz in the Rashke home as we prepare for end-of-the-school-year activities and graduation parties. It’s also a time of reflection as we think back on our son’s education and achievements.

This review and evaluation reminds me of a tool we offer our Clients at TASC—MyService Center.  An online portal within MyTASC, MyService Center serves as a report card for how TASC is serving our Clients and their Participants. Much like the online system that many of us use as parents to track our children’s academic progress, this gateway makes it easy for our Clients to access reports, service requests, service activity for each of their Plans, and much more.

  • MyService Reports present an assortment of statistics and dashboard reports that help you monitor how you and your Participants are using the Plan. This information illuminates areas of efficiency as well as areas needing attention.
  • The Service Dashboard summarizes the average speed it takes for a call to reach a member of our Customer Care team, how many people were self-served through our Interactive Voice Response system, and how many MyService Requests occurred per month over the past six months.
  • MyService Activity quantifies the work we perform for each Plan. The data quickly summarizes how many interactions have been made to service your requests and inquiries. FlexSystem Clients can see how Participants are submitting their reimbursement requests.
  • MyService Center keeps you informed about the status of MyService Requests without ever making a call. Track the quantity and status of requests and you’ll find it easier than ever to provide employees the up-to-date information they need.
  • Savings Calculators are available to calculate employer and employee tax savings.

Take a minute this spring and graduate to using our user-friendly MyService Center!  I expect you’ll give it a lot of high marks, just as I’m hoping to see on my son’s report card next month!


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