Posted by: TASCAdmin | December 21, 2012

On the Air

Jason Lewis is a busy man. He’s a newspaper columnist, a published author, and host of the nationally syndicated Jason Lewis Show, currently available in 23 states. Newsmax Magazine recently selected Jason as one of the country’s top 25 talk hosts, and in 2011 Talkers Magazine named him one of “The Heavy Hundred” most important talk radio show hosts in the nation. Oh, and by the way, Jason Lewis is a BizPlanNOW Client.

Jason Lewis is just one of a growing number of notable Clients that TASC has signed up over the years. These include the Baltimore Ravens, TREK Bicycle, Under Armour, Vizio, and media giants MGM and National Public Radio. In addition, some other larger customers include Dean Foods, SuperValu, T Mobile and public institutions like the Orange County (California) Public Schools, the State of Rhode Island, and the Universities of Alabama and Arkansas.

Now, I intend to do far more than name dropping when I offer this information. My point? I think these examples clearly illustrate the depth of clientele who put their trust in what we do. And we provide one and all with impartial, quality service, from the small business with one employee to the conglomerate with thousands. Our recent acquisition of Minneapolis-based administrator Benesyst will allow us to continue our growth in the large employer arena. Obviously, employers of size and stature have a lot of options when choosing vendors; when they pick TASC it speaks volumes.

And speaking of speaking, that’s exactly what Jason Lewis does for a living. As a sole proprietor he was looking for a strategy to make the cost of healthcare deductible, just as it is for larger companies. “When I went on my own a couple of years ago I sure didn’t want to pay my healthcare bills with after-tax dollars,” Jason remembers. “I did some research and came across TASC and BizPlanNOW. I talked to my accountant and he gave your firm a high recommendation.”

After hiring his wife to produce his show, Jason set up a private, high-deductible healthcare plan, which means that he pays a lot of his family’s medical expenses out of his own pocket.  “You can deduct your insurance premiums if you are a sole proprietor, but to handle out-of-pocket expenses appropriately you have to go to the experts at TASC,” Jason says. “It’s a wonderful way to save small businesses a whole lot of money. I am a big fan.”

Jason is concerned that too few people know about TASC and BizPlanNOW. As he describes it in his own words, “BizPlanNOW offers a wonderful tax advantage that more people could benefit from.”

Now, that’s my kind of talk!


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