Posted by: TASCAdmin | December 18, 2012

Financially Sound

Whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat, or an independent, I think you will agree that the financial cliff our nation is rapidly approaching is serious business. Undeniably, the consequences could be very severe if our government leaders fail to act in time. It’s no exaggeration to admit that the nation’s financial soundness is at stake throughout this debate, that the decisions made in the next few weeks could have major impact on the economy today and well into the future.

Much like a country, a business must also pay attention to its financial health. This vigilance is intensified for companies like TASC which are trusted with the customers’ hard-earned money.  TASC works hard to maintain a long-standing financially sound position so we can help more and more customers afford healthcare and save money while doing so. Each year TASC plows a significant amount of the cash we generate right back into the business. This is to fulfill one of the goals stated in our Vision Statement: To achieve double-digit growth every year with positive returns and low debt. And while we do not share our actual financial statements, you can be confident that TASC continues to grow at a healthy pace and without “over-leveraging” the company whatsoever. In fact, we continue to use our own resources to support the majority of our growth. Any outside financing we do access represents only a fraction of what is offered to us.

Our recently concluded fiscal year (September 30, 2012) was another record year! With healthy revenues and profits, our balance sheet continues to improve from its already strong position. Meanwhile, the tremendous growth we are experiencing necessitated our recent major investment in our financial systems. The result will increase transparency and reliability of this important aspect of business for our customers. Our business is strong, growing, and sustainable.


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