Posted by: danielrashke | July 20, 2012

Turning Up the Heat

For most of the summer it has been very hot and dry in southern Wisconsin. Grass, flowers, vegetables and even the trees have wilted under these dry conditions. Despite the less than ideal growing conditions outside, growth continues unabated inside TASC. I am excited about one venture in particular, our Claim ConneX feature. Now part of FlexSystem (Flexible Spending Accounts) and DirectPay (Health Reimbursement Arrangements), Claim ConneX gets right at the most crucial aspect of these Plans, the reimbursement of funds, and simplifies and streamlines the whole process. 

Using state-of-the-art technology, Claim ConneX takes advantage of instant insurance carrier file transmissions. The result: higher quality service! With fewer communication failures and less chance for error, the reimbursement process is truly streamlined. Without Claim ConneX, after you visit a medical provider the provider submits a claim to your health insurance carrier. After determining which expenses they will cover and which are your responsibility, the carrier distributes an explanation of benefits. You pay your portion, submit a request for reimbursement to TASC, and are promptly reimbursed from your HRA or FSA Plan. This process can take up to 45 days.

With Claim ConneX the health insurance carrier sends the claim electronically and directly to TASC, automatically substantiating it along the way. Claim ConneX—not you—facilitates the submission of the claim. The benefits are plenty…  Because paperwork is greatly reduced, valuable time is saved, so you receive reimbursement faster than ever. Because faxes are no longer necessary, your personal health information is better protected. And this time and money saving feature comes at no additional cost to employees or employers.

Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? So what’s the problem? This great innovation works only when an electronic claim feed is established between health insurance carriers and TASC. You can help our current campaign to boost carrier participation in Claim ConneX! Turn up the heat on your carriers! Request that they sign up with Claim ConneX. When more carriers connect to Claim ConneX, more employees can enjoy this convenient, efficient, and secure service.


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