Posted by: TASCAdmin | June 14, 2012

TASC Expands … Again

Sometimes things happen when you least expect it. For years, and without much success, we have invited government officials and media representatives to attend grand openings, anniversaries, and ground breakings. Then out of the blue, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and ten members of the local press corps descended on TASC for a meeting and press conference. Okay, it wasn’t quite out of the blue; we had a few days advance notice.

Here is how it happened: TASC is anticipating the creation of about 100 new jobs in Wisconsin over the next three years. Because of that planned growth we are eligible for up to $400,000 in tax credits through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). To be distributed annually, the tax credits will merit in direct relation to number of jobs retained and new, full-time positions created and filled over a three-year period.

Job creation is a major initiative of Governor Walker’s administration, so he came to TASC to announce these new jobs and the associated tax credit. In fairness, TASC planned to create these jobs no matter any possible tax credit. Simply put, we’re growing! Our expansion is vital to meet the continued strong demand for our services; it reflects our long-term view as a privately held firm and our willingness to invest regardless of the economic conditions.

Nonetheless, on a recent morning, my officers and I had a private audience with the Governor. After greetings we made two pitches to the Governor: (1) TASC has the expertise, knowledge and the ability to serve as a resource to the Governor’s Office and/or other state agencies, and is fully capable of assisting Wisconsin through the implementation of any changes brought forth by healthcare reform legislation, and (2) TASC would like to serve as account administrator for the State of Wisconsin public employee’s flexible spending account. The benefits of approximately 50,000 state employees are currently being served by a California-based administrator. Relocation of these accounts to TASC, domiciled in Wisconsin, would result in at least 10 new Wisconsin jobs. That’s good news for Wisconsin.

Will anything tangible come from our meeting with Governor Walker? Only time will tell. The Governor did say he will put us in touch with the right people to explore the ideas we presented. Meanwhile, of course I agreed with Governor Walker’s comment to our staff that TASC’s decision to make this kind of investment is good news for Madison.

And it’s good news for TASC.


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