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TASC’s Sustainability & Relationship

It’s true; you have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a benefits administrator to trust with your hard-earned Clients. If you’ve ever thought it hard to tell one administrator from another, I assure you that is never the case with TASC! We alone have the size, the resources, and the commitment to go above and beyond when it comes to benefits administration. Here are three key reasons you should feel safe and secure when placing your Clients with TASC.

Capital Connection
In these changing times, TASC continues to make major investments. Our Governmental Affairs function is staffed by a Legislative Analyst who stays on top of the ever-evolving healthcare, judicial, budgetary, and political landscapes. Unusual for our industry, TASC’s Governmental Affairs team reviews and interprets rulings and clarifications, monitors governmental and political blogs, tracks industry opinions and upcoming trends, and translates and shares what’s pertinent.

With this in-depth research, TASC is uniquely positioned ahead of the curve to adapt and capitalize on changes affecting our industry. You can stay connected to the Capital Connection by visiting

Consumer Protection Program
At TASC it’s vital that we place adequate safeguards on the protection of our customers’ financial and healthcare data. TASC raised the bar by implementing a comprehensive program dedicated to this responsibility.

Our Consumer Protection Program ensures a secure environment is maintained by all of our vendors and business partners who process, store, or transmit credit card information. We’ve increased encryption, enhanced firewalls, and established a new login procedure to strengthen our already iron-clad security measures.

Though not required to do so, TASC successfully completed an in-depth audit of our technology, security, and transactional processes. And rare for our industry, we have implemented an internal watchdog, an auditor whose sole duty is independent oversight of our financial and administrative processes. Our Confidentially Speaking Program provides employees, customers and vendors an anonymous way to communicate regarding unacceptable or unethical behavior related to conflicts of interest, theft, fraud, and more.

Voices Carry
Everyone knows the key to a successful relationship is communication. TASC cares enough to ask customers for frank feedback about their TASC experiences.

TASC’s Voices Carry Program ensures customers are free to share their opinions with us. Because we constantly monitor calls and comments made to our Customer Care team, we are able to promptly address support requests and resolve issues of concern. Customers are invited to participate in focus groups through which they provide feedback on new procedures and innovations. And small groups are invited to pre-test new services and procedures; only after their thumbs-up do we launch to customers overall! Finally, surveys and other evaluation tools are also important for measuring overall customer satisfaction and service expectations throughout the year.

With Voices Carry TASC listens and responds! Look for results to our recent surveys in the next issue of ON TASC.

No Comparison at all!
Suffice it to say, when comparing administrators, there really isn’t any comparison at all!


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