Posted by: danielrashke | June 30, 2011

Innovations Are Us!

Whoever came up with this old saying—the more things change, the more they stay the same—never worked at TASC!  I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that the quantity of enhancements and innovations we are working on is truly remarkable, even by our standards.  We have never worked on so many big projects at the same time.  All of these developments directly relate to one of our key corporate initiatives for 2011: improving our customers’ experience.  Let’s take a brief look at the innovations that TASC has already released or plans to release very soon.

MyBenefits. MyCash. MyWay.
After years of anticipation, the TASC Card cash account—called MyCash—is scheduled to go live soon for FlexSystem Participants! When MyCash is activated, all reimbursements (where the TASC Card is not used) will automatically be made to the employee’s MyCash account.   As many already know, the TASC Card streamlines the reimbursement process by qualifying and paying for eligible medical expenses on the spot.  No more need for reimbursement request forms and receipts.  No more waiting for reimbursements!  And with funds in the MyCash Account users can pay for healthcare and general expenses with just one swipe of the card! 

For all TASC Plans, the MyService Center provides a comprehensive summary of Plan activity, showcasing service requests, reports, and service activity for each of our products. It’s all about creating more visibility, transparency and accountability. Only TASC gives Clients this kind of unparalleled control and power over their Plans.  At MyService Center Clients can submit secure and private requests for assistance, and then track their requests and receive personal communication from TASC.  In addition, Clients can review their feature and additional service utilization to ensure they’re optimizing their Plan.

Claims ConneX
Claim ConneX will streamline and simplify the request for reimbursement process, reducing the workload for all concerned.  Available at no additional cost to Client or Participant, when established for a DirectPay Plan, coordination and integration between the health insurance carriers and TASC means claim payments will be timelier and the risk of fax transmission and reception failure will be eliminated.  Paperwork will be reduced, saving everyone time and money!  And with less paperwork, privacy of personal health information will be further protected.

TASC Mobile
Even texting is quickly becoming old school! When launched, TASC Mobile will provide FlexSystem Participants with fast access to TASC on any web-enabled mobile device wherever an Internet connection is available.  TASC Mobile will allow employees another way to securely check balances, view transaction details, transfer funds, make a claim, submit substantiation, and more.  Designed for popular phones like iPhone or Android, TASC Mobile protects against fraudulent activity by verifying user identity and using advance encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access. 

Microbusiness Web Enhancements
TASC has enhanced the web experience for our valued AgriPlanNOW and BizPlanNOW Clients. This upgraded website is designed specifically for small business owners and features some great tools, including the ability to track expenses, manage bank account information, and request a Year End Report. In addition, Clients can access account summaries, training materials, and request service through a MyService Request.  Future enhancements will include the ability to view/edit/print all Plan reports and statements, payroll functionality, conversion to the TASC Card, age 26 tracking, and more!

As you can clearly see, the pace at TASC never slows!  Watch for updates on these and future innovations throughout the rest of 2011.


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