Posted by: danielrashke | January 11, 2011

The Road Ahead

Happy New Year!  Another year—albeit a challenging one—has passed into history, and we stand together with a bright New Year before us once again.  Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?  Have you thought about what you will do with the next twelve months?  Will you move forward?  Or will you attempt to cling to the past?

We continue in 2011 with an initiative we started last year: to make adapting to change a top priority throughout TASC.  Change is a constant in the business world, no matter the industry.  Those of us involved with the healthcare/employee benefits industry were nearly buried at times by an avalanche of change last year.

Take for example the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).  Passed into law last year, this Act is the reason behind many of the changes we implemented in late 2010.  And the changes seem to be nowhere near ending.  If you read the papers or watch the news, you know that the lawsuits, repeal efforts, revenue rulings, and government notices are appearing at an astounding rate.  Just last week, Wisconsin’s new Governor asked the state’s Attorney General to join in a lawsuit against the nation’s Healthcare Reform Act.

In a world of uncertainty, one thing is certain: this issue is far from settled.  And that stark reality leaves many business owners feeling very unsettled.  With so much chatter, how do you know who to trust?  How do you know who is simply posturing one way or another because they have a political axe to grind?  It gets harder every day to navigate the information highway, harder to tell the truth from fiction.

Here are three things upon which I will not budge in 2011.  (1) I won’t waste time or energy fighting the Healthcare Reform Act.  There are plenty of people who will rail against every page of this bill.  I won’t be one of them.  (2) I won’t get caught up in the battle of rhetoric playing out right now, and will not allow any squeaky wheel to get me all worked up.  (3) I will spend my time and energy ensuring that we serve our Clients to the best of our ability.  In my estimate, doing so is the best use of my time in the New Year.


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