Posted by: danielrashke | September 21, 2010

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Our nation’s healthcare reform legislation, better known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), has placed many small business owners at a critical junction.  Clients of AgriPlan and BizPlan are especially challenged to understand and adapt to the changes brought forth by this historic legislation.   At TASC, we know it’s our job to fully comprehend and fully incorporate the new mandates.  We know, too, that the new rules and regulations, while daunting, represent opportunity.

While we welcome these new opportunities, have no doubt that we will remain steadfast and true to one of our most vital responsibilities: ensuring that our Clients receive every benefit available to them.  Of course this means preserving the tax deduction and resulting tax savings made possible by AgriPlan and BizPlan.  We understand well the value of these tax free bottom-line dollars to our Clients.  We vow to do everything in our power to ensure that our Plans follow all compliance mandates, and we strive to continue reducing workloads for our Clients, now and well into the future.

This past summer I traveled with my family to Mount Rushmore.  The Park Ranger who guided our group explained well the choice of Presidents carved into the side of the mountain, and explained that each leader represents a separate ideal.    I learned that Washington represents creation.  As our first President and Revolutionary War hero, he was there at the very creation of this country.  Jefferson represents expansion.  During his leadership our country grew dramatically through the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  Lincoln represents preservation.  He preserved the union throughout the Civil War.   And Teddy Roosevelt represents development.  This “trustbuster” of business monopolies helped our nation’s economic development by linking east to west with the construction of the Panama Canal.

With appreciation for the four great men immortalized on Mount Rushmore, I pondered the four ideals symbolized on that mountainside.  And I thought about how TASC, in its own way, also embodies each ideal.  As the creator of AgriPlan and BizPlan, TASC has been instrumental in bringing this innovative tax saving service to one hundred thousand small business owners.  Our business never stop evolving in response to customer need.  This means we continuously expand our offerings with better online tools and more flexibility; we continually develop innovations within our existing Plans; and we continue to design new Plans and services to help preserve tax savings for our Clients.

Since 1975 TASC has been around to help Clients navigate the changing healthcare waters.  We’ve been here to deal with the changes imposed by various legislations.  Through the years we’ve worked hard to follow mandates, notices, and rulings.  The new rules and regulations present tremendous opportunity for TASC, opportunity to take even more of the administrative burden from our Clients.

At TASC we remain resolute in our commitment to creating and developing innovative ways to handle changes, to expanding our services to further reduce workload for our Clients, and to preserving (or increasing) savings for each and every Client.  It’s carved in stone.


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