Posted by: danielrashke | December 15, 2009

Snow Day

When we experience a heavy snowfall in Wisconsin, in the name of public safety, the schools declare a “snow day” and close.  And the kids rejoice.  However, in business, it isn’t quite that simple.  When you are a national company with Clients in all 50 states, plus Guam and Puerto Rico, even if the Governor declares a snow emergency and closes the University and all State offices, you must find a way to serve your customers. 

This is exactly what occurred on Wednesday, December 9. According to the National Weather Service, Madison officially received 14.1 inches of snow that day.  (A television station on the southwest side of Madison measured 18 inches at their location.)  Behind the snow were strong winds and below zero temperatures.  Needless to say, this made for tough sledding on area roads.

TASC was open for business on December 9, but due to snowy conditions, very few employees made it into the office. These circumstances would have closed many businesses, but not TASC.  We maintain a process that enables many employees to access our system from home.  In addition, TASC has a fairly significant number of remote workers scattered all over the United States.

Through this process, nearly 68 percent of our employees were logged in and working on December 9th.  Our Contact Center was able to handle roughly 800 calls, with our Interactive Voice Response System taking an extra 345 calls.  And of course, it takes more than a blizzard to close our website.  More than 11,000 customers successfully logged into their MyTASC account.

This performance speaks directly to the segment of our Strategic Map that states: “Give me peace of mind about your sustainability and our relationship.”  TASC’s infrastructure redundancy, offsite storage, nationwide network, and disaster recovery plan allow us to continue serving our customers, to maintain current account information, to keep money moving, and to provide service that is fast and accessible, no matter the weather.  Even if our corporate headquarters are unreachable or unusable.  Even on a snow day.  Now, that is something we can all rejoice about!


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