Posted by: danielrashke | June 10, 2009

Legislative Action of Health Care Reform

Even as the President and others push for a health care reform bill to be sent to the House prior to Congress’ recess this August, it is important to keep in mind two common occurrences that could affect the timing of any proposed legislation.  First, the creation, mark-ups, and resulting floor action often delays bills.  Second, in a lot of cases, more than one single bill or piece of legislation on an issue is put forth.  For example, in the case of health care reform, at the same time you have action in the House, you may have two actions in the Senate.  Or even more.  At this point, Senator Max Baucus (D-Montana), Chair of the Senate Finance Committee and Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Massachusetts), the Chair of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee are potential sources of proposed legislation.

It will be important for TASC to evaluate and respond to the multiple proposals that are forthcoming, along with the various components of each.  It will be equally important that we do so in a prudent manner.  You will find TASC’s response to be methodical in nature.

Too many times I have seen wasted energy spent on items that are incorrect, premature, or not likely to come to fruition.  A lot will be thrown against the wall, but only a small amount will stick.  Expect TASC to respond in a manner that supports our brand promise:

  • Help protect the customer’s bottom line…by not wasting your time in unwarranted areas and instead spending time helping our customers capitalize on valued opportunities.
  • Give the customer peace of mind…by keeping you informed of the potential impact these proposals could have on you, on them and on TASC.
  • Provide innovative solutions…by placing energy into making health care more affordable, including but not limited to, retaining the tax exclusion of their health care expenses.

At this time, June 2009, there is no legislation on the floor. On Tuesday, June 4, 2009, President Obama stated that mandates on employers should not include small businesses and that any mandates requiring individuals to have insurance coverage should include hardship waivers for those who cannot afford the coverage.  At this same time and not in total alignment with the President or Senator Baucus, Senator Kennedy is expected to unveil a sweeping health care reform plan that requires every American to have insurance and mandates that employers contribute to workers’ coverage.

I suggest that our customers and representatives give this issue two to four weeks to gain a more clear picture.  In support of our previously stated objectives, TASC and TASC’s CEO Blog will remain focused on fact-based communication during this time.  I’ll keep the opinion-based communication to a minimum.


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