Posted by: danielrashke | June 5, 2009

Starting Point

We knew the push for health care reform — and the corresponding debate over health care reform — would eventually heat up.  The idea of health care reform, with the impending debate and its potential impact on our customers’ lives is nothing new for TASC.  We have watched, participated in, and reacted to this debate for more than three decades.  I personally have lived through this for the last 26 years.

So what is so special about this time?  Certainly not the fact that health care costs are going up.  We are not going to stop that.  Look at two simple facts: (a) the largest segment of our population are becoming senior citizens, followed by the next largest group moving into their fifties, and (b) our life expectancy is longer.  I am not a scholar, but I can read the writing on the wall.

So what do we do?  We make some changes, shifts, and adjustments to our behavior to contain costs.  And, we attempt to do so in a manner that does not leave even more people behind.  What makes this time so special is the alignment of control in the House, Senate and Administration.  With the legislative and executive branches working together, now more than at any time in recent history there’s real potential to make something happen.  This, of course, does not mean something will happen; there’s a lot more to it than that.

The latest debate is about more than just how to finance health care reform.  It includes improving our health care delivery system and the health related behavior of our society.  That said, future TASC CEO Blogs will focus solely on the financing portion of the debate.  Some in the media will sensationalize this debate and will promote the whole idea of “winners and losers” in an attempt to sell more magazines and newspapers.  I will not do that. I am here to help you understand the issues and to continue to serve you as a premier third-party administrator of tax advantaged health accounts and related services.

Each one of the following posts to the TASC CEO Blog will have a link back to this post to remind you and us why we are here and why we need to be heard.


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