Posted by: danielrashke | March 24, 2009

What Does it Mean to Lead?

Leadership, as defined by most dictionaries, means “to go before, or with; to show the way; to induce.”  Every organization needs a leader (and preferably several leaders) to “show the way” as the organization strives to define and achieve its goals.  Without leaders at every level of an organization, strategic opportunities may be missed, innovation may be stifled, and employees may be underutilized.  Without proper leadership, many companies may fall short of their goals in customer service, quality, productivity, profitability, and longevity.

On Friday, March 20, 2009 the following leadership changes took place at TASC.  I believe the timing of this transition — the spring equinox — is fitting.  Spring is a time of growth, renewal, and new life.  In that spirit, I am pleased to welcome our new Chief Financial Officer, Steve Cable.  A graduate of the University of Iowa, Steve is the former Chief Financial Officer for Fiskars Consumer Products and Springs Window Fashions.  Steve adds a wealth of complimentary skills to the experience and skills of TASC’s Executive Vice President of Finance Maurie Ash and Corporate Controller Angie Justman.

Going on 10 years with TASC, Pam Reynolds is TASC’s new Chief Development Officer.  In addition to her tenure with TASC, Pam has a degree in Human Resources and six years of experience with Boeing, formerly known as McDonald Douglas, where she served as a financial analyst and worked on strategy and quality systems in the assembly division.  Her new responsibilities will include a greater emphasis on Planning and Strategy, Product Development, and Effective Change.

Ken Odom is moving into the role of Executive Vice President of Acquisitions and Alliances.  Ken has clearly demonstrated his abilities in this area and we are poised to further capitalize on his talents.  As our new Vice Presidents of Group Division Sales and Microbusiness Division Sales respectively, Andy Bartel and Jack Hippen will lead the charge for new revenue.  In addition to growing TASC’s market share, their teams will represent TASC in the market with integrity.

In our final leadership change, I am equally pleased to announce Steve Cretney as TASC’s President and Chief Operating Officer.  With this move the organization is better positioned to be innovative and to effectively make the most  of our employees so we may achieve our goals for customer service and sales.  Since joining TASC Steve has shown what he is capable of and has demonstrated his ability to lead.  Positioned as Steve’s right hand man is TASC’s new Executive Vice President of Operations, Tim Kempf.  Tim’s 16 years at Marquip, combined with his nine years at TASC has equipped him with the human resources, customer service, and quality skills and experience needed to lead this challenging area for TASC.

Some of you may be asking what this means for my future with TASC.  If you assumed I’d be checking out, let me assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.  I am more energized than ever about the future here at TASC.  While it’s true I gave up the President title at TASC, I am still Chief Executive Officer.  Going forward, these changes will allow me more flexibility to pursue my continued commitment to active philanthropy.  In addition to sitting on the United Way of Dane County Board of Directors, I have also recently joined the Boards of the Meriter Foundation and the American Family Children’s Hospital.

My focus at TASC remains on building synergy between strategy, operations, and financial, with a continued emphasis on our growth.  I will work diligently to accomplish our vision and mission, to maintain our culture and values, and to instill a sense of purpose and passion in our team of employees.  The work that TASC undertakes is important to us all.


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