Posted by: danielrashke | February 27, 2009

The Long Run

Recent COBRA developments caused by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act have provided a good opportunity to compare how different third-party administrators handle change.  While some use the change to scare consumers, TASC holds strong that now is no time to use fear as a tactic.  Not ever…and surely not during a down economy.  Surely not when many Human Resource Departments are already over-taxed.  So you won’t hear TASC talking about the “sky falling” or using terms like “code blue” to scare you.

We also believe it is not wise to be the first to act just for the sake of being first.  Instead, we believe it is far more important to have an approach that is valuable and stable, one that focuses on solution and execution.  That’s TASC’s approach.

TASC is doing everything in its power to help Clients — existing Clients and those who are yet to join us — by accomplishing the large task in front of us right now.  Specifically, that task is a challenging one: notifying those terminated employees who are now eligible for a subsidy to help pay for their COBRA coverage.  And we are doing this without regard to generating any additional fee revenue.

This is the point: Unlike some of our competitors, TASC isn’t capitalizing on this development to make some quick cash.  TASC is capitalizing on this change through effective execution, which can only lead to solid Client relationships and solid growth through word-of-mouth. 

That’s the difference between TASC and the competition; TASC has a genuine concern for our customers.  We’re in this for the long-run.  We think long-term, we act long-term, and we will be around to serve you long-term.


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