Posted by: TASCAdmin | January 21, 2009

Building Our Business

One of the keys to success in business is making your company different from the competition.  At TASC we have done just that.  We use cutting-edge technology, and spread across the nation you will find our finely-tuned network of independent Providers and TASC-employed sales professionals.

Our difference from other third party administrators doesn’t stop there. Unlike most of the competition, we own our office building.  In fact, our TASC campus hosts two fine buildings.  We erected the first structure in 1996 and opened the second ten years later.  Of course the decision to build – both times – took into consideration many factors and reflects the proactive culture you find at TASC.  Besides making a statement of permanence, the TASC buildings and campus help guarantee a secure infrastructure, provide attractive amenities for our team, and develop real assets for our business, something especially important in these trying times.

As TASC grows, so does the number of Clients we serve, thereby making the Client tour more important than ever.  Simply put, our quality facilities are a powerful selling tool.  Add to that the many ways we have benefited from the flexibility that ownership provides.  As our business has grown into these buildings, we have been able to fill empty spaces with rent paying tenants, with leases timed to fit our expansion needs.

Recently the Capital Region Business Journal profiled our business and buildings.  The point of the article is clear: there are a lot of choices out there, and business owners are justified in looking for service providers who are stable and committed to serving them now and well into the future.  Indeed, the TASC campus is a testament to our commitment and stability; these buildings are a solid foundation upon which we will continue to prosper.  As I stated in the article, “the buildings have been absolutely critical to our steady growth over the past ten years.”

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