Posted by: TASCAdmin | September 30, 2008

Thinking as an Entrepreneur

A member of TASC’s Board of Advisors recently invited me to speak to a University of Wisconsin–Madison class.  Jeanan Yasiri teaches Entrepreneurship in Society at the UW, and I talked to the students about Thinking as an Entrepreneur. 

I covered a myriad of topics, including baseline information regarding myself and TASC, my views on different approaches to entrepreneurial thinking, recommendations for future entrepreneurs, and ideas businesses can use for infusing entrepreneurialism into their staff.  In addition, I talked at length about the TASC culture and how giving back to the community is vital to being a successful entrepreneur in this day and age.

It was an amazing experience.  The students, mostly young adults barely out of their teens, were an excellent and attentive audience.  They followed-up with several insightful questions after my lecture.  But don’t take my word for it.  You can see and hear my presentation on-line.  Just cut and paste the following link into your internet browser.  Enjoy.


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