Posted by: TASCAdmin | June 13, 2008

The Entrepreneurial Spirit


Recently I was fortunate enough to participate in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) Award Program.  Specifically, the program’s Upper Midwest Regional Finals honored 30 entrepreneurs from Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota.  While I didn’t qualify for the National level, I was honored to be part of this incredible group of business leaders.

As part of the awards program, a series of short videos highlighted each of the finalists and their businesses.  A broad spectrum of industries was represented, including several banks, a bicycle manufacturer, a steel company, and a company that makes sailboat hardware.  As I watched these videos, it was impossible not notice many similar themes.  For example, despite their differences, all the nominees truly value their team of employees.  So, too, do all nominees find ways give back to their communities. 


At TASC we foster an environment in which employees are encouraged to have fun while being professional, productive, and accountable.  Under our comprehensive TASC Cares program exists a wellness program, an employee PC purchase program, on-site financial planning and education services, an extensive recognition and reward program, an education reimbursement program, and an on-site Toastmasters Group.


TASC is a major contributor within the larger community.  Our employees organize and manage our award-winning United Way fundraising campaign, and they do this hard work during their normal work hours.  Each year we allow our employees four paid days to volunteer, and we participate in the annual United Way’s Day of Caring.  We offer all Dane County United Way Agencies Section 125 Plan services at greatly reduced rates.  Finally, we also provide major support to the University of Wisconsin Children’s Hospital and host regular on-site American Red Cross blood drives.


If selection as a Regional Finalist in the EOY program is determined by the way you treat your employees and reach out to contribute to your community, then being a good corporate neighbor and employer isn’t only the right thing to do, perhaps it’s the key to success!


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