Posted by: tascblog | November 5, 2007

Up to Speed – With MyTASC

For months now I have been talking to you about our progress with the new MyTASC website.  Today I am pleased to announce that MyTASC has been enhanced even further.  The timing of this new release is crucial as we move into our year-end peak season. 

The latest release went extremely well.  Thanks to a great team effort from within the organization the new MyTASC has been able to address 30 bugs and enhancements.  The result is an improved MyTASC experience for all Clients and Participants. 

Along with major changes to the website, there are many minor fixes that address specific customer issues.  In particular, critical enhancements deal with Enrollments, Payment Verification Reports, and Participant Lists.  In every instance, we have made it easier and faster for Clients and Participants to make changes.  In addition, we have enhanced the Account Management pages so they open and upload faster and function better. 

We are very pleased with these important changes.  Already working on the next group of improvements, we continue to make small changes as needed to address trouble spots.  Meanwhile, our major efforts will be marked by three upcoming re-deployment dates:  November 15, December 1, and December 15.  On or around these dates we will deploy newly-improved versions of MyTASC.  The pre-set schedule should allow us to work as efficiently as possible with the resources and time at hand, and should place us in the best possible position to handle communications—both internal and external—regarding the releases.

Of course we will keep you informed as we approach these dates.  In the meantime, we invite your comments about the CEO Blog, about MyTASC, or about TASC in general. Our new CEO Blog feedback option makes it easy to send your comments directly to me.  To do so, simply send an e-mail to  As always, your opinions are vital to our ongoing success.

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