Posted by: tascblog | October 17, 2007

MyTASC Update II: Getting up to Speed

It has been some time since my Blog discussed the status of TASC’s web conversion to MyTASC.  With our peak season just around corner I think the time is right to bring all of you up to speed. 

First, I’d like to introduce two ways to review this issue of the CEO Blog. Besides reading it here:  
listen to this CEO Blog in its entirety.
read a summary of this CEO Blog.
In addition, this edition of the Blog launches our new CEO Blog feedback option, a way for you to comment directly about my Blog.  It’s easy:
• to offer feedback about the Blog, simply send an e-mail to
I welcome your opinions regarding MyTASC, its features, what you like most about it, and what areas should be improved.

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