Posted by: tascblog | October 12, 2007

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

As the peak season approaches, our Business Technology Services (BTS) team is diligently preparing for the expected increase in phone volume and web traffic, and for the mountain of forms that will flow through TASC.  Our goal: to meet this dramatic increase to the satisfaction of all of our Clients, Participants, and Providers.  In preparing to meet that goal we have a long checklist of things to do: adding phone lines, increasing website network capacity, enhancing MyTASC, upgrading scanning software and equipment, and more. 

The BTS team is making excellent progress, and the vast majority on our “to do” list will be addressed on time.  As always, this means checking and rechecking each update extensively before it is implemented.  Meanwhile, even the best set plans can be impacted negatively by influences outside of our control.  Sometimes this means we have to take a step backward before we can move forward.  That notwithstanding, we constantly strive to improve, enhance, and expand our systems and services.
We took a brief step backward earlier this week.  Some of you noticed…you experienced a problem with our website.  At the time, our BTS team knew that the root-cause of the web problem was with our existing web-hosting provider.  In fact, the team was already working on an update that would improve the TASC website’s performance. 
The transition is complete, and a new web-hosting company is now in place and fully transitioned to serve MyTASC in a much more stable and reliable manner.  In other words, we incurred a short-term pain in exchange for a long-term gain.  In business, as in life, the problems are not the issue; instead, it’s how you handle the problems that differentiates an ordinary company from an innovative one.

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