Posted by: tascblog | September 7, 2007

Back to the Future

At one time, these were the signature services that TASC built.  In fact, these were the services that TASC was built upon.  I am speaking, of course, of our Microbusiness services:  AgriPlan and BizPlan.  In the past 20 years these Plans have helped self-employed business owners save over one billion dollars in taxes! 

This huge milestone was made possible because TASC helped these business owners implement a tax savings strategy through which they could deduct all of their health care expenses.  Despite this tremendous success the Microbusiness Division has declined a bit of late.  I am writing today to forecast that this is where the downward slide will end…
I am absolutely delighted to announce the creation of our new Microbusiness Team, composed of seven new Microbusiness Regional Sales Directors (RSDs) and led by Rick Foster, our very capable Microbusiness Sales Manager.  This stellar team of mature, professional, and quality individuals brings a revived sense of excitement and opportunity to this important market segment.  Of course the whole point of this rejuvenation is to heighten our help to self-employed individuals. 
It’s invigorating to see the efforts of these new RSDs.  And it’s reassuring.  No matter how big we may grow, TASC will stay committed to our roots, to our past, to the self-employed.  And this direction will pay big dividends across the board.  By having a dedicated Microbusiness Sales force the rest of our RSDs can give their undivided attention to their group Providers.  These Providers win because they receive more focused attention from their RSD.  The Clients win because they receive more focused attention from their Providers.  And if the Providers and the Clients both win, TASC can’t help but win!  It’s a win-win-win scenario.

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