Posted by: jessicasmall | July 23, 2007

In Training

Over the next few weeks football training camps all over the nation will open.  High school, college, and professional teams will spend the better part of a month in intensive training sessions to prepare for the upcoming season.  Even after the season begins they will continue to practice, practice, and practice.

I think you will agree with me when I say there are a host of similarities between TASC and a good sports team.  We both have coaches and players; we both have a series of units, all with their own areas of specialization; and we both have a real need for training, for ongoing, continual training.
At TASC, we are always training.  We employ a full-time Training Coordinator.  Our new building on the TASC campus includes a Training Room that’s complete with computers, and telephones.  Each and every new hire receives extensive training on our Plans, and on our computer and phone system.  And each and every member of our existing customer service staff is expected to attend our in-service continuing education sessions, held weekly on-site. 
Let’s face it, changes and developments happen at an incredible pace in our industry.  And the only way to keep current is with consistent and regular training.  Our training doesn’t just pertain to our staff.  We also work hard to train our Providers, our Clients, and our Participants.  We publish manuals, technical bulletins, magazines, and newsletters to inform our customers about developments at TASC and to keep them abreast of the rules and regulations that govern our Plans. 
Our training isn’t confined to the written word only. When we released our new website earlier this year, we offered Clients and Providers the opportunity to attend webinars to increase knowledge of and comfort with the updated site.  In addition, our On Demand video presentations have proven so popular that we have moved them to a host site to ensure their use will not impact the performance of our site.
Clearly, training is important to TASC.  And TASC is an industry leader when it comes to training.

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