Posted by: jessicasmall | July 12, 2007

MyTASC Update

During the TASC President’s Advisory Council meeting held in Miami this past May a council member asked me to forecast how long it might take to solve the post-launch MyTASC bugs. It was shortly after launch, and I estimated then that things would settle down in 30 days…perhaps taking up to 60 days to address each and every issue.   My message today is a straightforward one:  I want to reset expectations and be forthright regarding the status of the site moving forward. 

The worst is over…we have graduated past two major “once-only” issues.  First, MyTASC will not again experience so many Clients and Participants switching at the same time from the old to the new website, all needing to log-in to a new and unknown website.  Second, MyTASC will not again need to migrate such a huge amount of data from one platform to another.  Future developments and expansions will be built on what we have and will require neither a new system nor a new platform. 
Most of our Clients and Participants find MyTASC to be functioning well now, even exceeding their expectations.  But we won’t rest until this is the experience for all users. While the new site’s performance improves every day, it is not where we want it.  Not yet.  But it’s closer by the day.  I estimate that it will take another four to six weeks before our new site is on the mark, with no functions failing and all functions operating as expected.  To this aim, we have increased our resources by adding staff in our BTS (Business Technology Services) Department, in our administration and processing positions, and in our contact center. 
At TASC, administration is all we do; we have no other business units to fall back on for support.  Your business is the bread and butter of our organization.  We are absolutely committed to making this project, this product, this service, and our relationship with you a success.  Thank you for your patience and continued support.

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