Posted by: jessicasmall | June 18, 2007

Be Prepared

As recent terror threats indicate, no matter how we interpret the terrorists’ intentions and capabilities, it is still a very real possibility.  And of course, the risk of disaster due to weather related incidents always remains.  For these reasons TASC stresses the importance of understanding all of your vendors’ positions on disaster preparedness and business continuation.  As a recent power outage here at TASC proved, you can never be prepared enough or invest too much in your back up systems.
This also provides further evidence for TASC’s initiative to encourage our Clients and Participants to move toward more electronic transactions.   A prime example is the movement of money.  In the case of some act that disrupts the business economy, the movement of Participant reimbursements checks and other transactions (such as employer deposits into TASC) stops.  In addition to the security and convenience of electronic transactions, eliminating the processing of paper checks helps the environment by saving trees and saves money due to cost increase in postage and gas.
You are encouraged to reduce costs, reduce consumption of resources, and protect yourself from the risk of disruption in the movement of money by going electronic. TASC won’t force its customer there, but it strongly encourages them to move there.

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